Ctrl Shortcuts not responding properly

I have this problem since a few months now and its really getting annoying.

Basically all Ctrl+* Shortcuts in Source 2009 Hammer barely respond, i have to slam the buttons multiple times for Hammer to actually recognize the shortcut, which is getting really tedious to work with, it often also results in doing the action multiple times, so i have to undo the actions i did too much, which is annoying as well since its also a Ctrl shortcut.

This problem only exists in 2009 Hammer, it works fine in Windows and every Hammer version below 2009. I found a few threads on SPUF about people having the same problem, but none of them show a solution so far.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Paypal Dispute" - garry))

There is no solution at the moment. Pretty much everyone has it.

I see. Well, good to know its not just a problem that only a few specific people have.

Is Valve aware of this?

Most likely.