Cube and button based testing are important part of your testing experience

I went through a little cognitive gauntlet to get some things done.
-the big red button is actually pushed down.
-the little rotating part from the right side of the door is rotated to the left side.
-the ‘wrecked’ item dispenser appears correctly and it’s open.
-there are signs. Well two but could be (will be) more.
and my favorite:
-there are indicator lines. Both color. I can place the turning/ending part of it too. (Next time.)

Notice the bird!

Render: ep2 engine

Render: l4d2 engine

Wow,that’s awesome


You’re godly at these builds.

everything just looks way too grainy but the build is nice

this is a bit better than your last scenebuild, youre improving, even if slightly

though, you ignored the fact that fog could have been used to add in fake radiosity lighting effects to the picture which would have given the picture a lot more atmosphere

and dont say you cant use fog on gm_flatgrass maps, because i already advised you the last time to not use flatgrass simply for the fact that flatgrass as well as flatgrass_night only has one lighting throughout the entire map

holy shit kalix made a scenebuild with a decent camera angle. Bravo sir

hella nice

Blur the edges of the shadows, please.

I really like ruined scene of Portal.
Atmosphere is charming.

Ok, advice what map I should use!
You know I build the floors/walls etc too and I don’t want the maps own lighting/shadowing interfere those. I’m not sure you understand what I mean at all though.
Also very high fps is needed and a lot of space. and it should be dark as gm_flatgrass_night.

So, “decent angle” means camera closer to the ground??

Ehm, you know this is unedited, right? I don’t edit pictures except at the… other category.
Though I agree. Something should be done to get things right.

not always, there are situations that might warrant it for artistic purposes

but generally yes

Thanks for the comments!

My next scenebuild’ll have actual ingame portals too.