Cube(Experimental Interactive Puzzle)

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Can you escape the cube alive?

You wake up in a cube with 6 doors on each side, you know don't know your name, and you can't remember anything. You have a terrible headache.

You are now awake, and your brain is still recovering from a headache.

You are scared and confused, what do you do? The choice is yours.

press z


Jump up and down take off your shoe and throw it at your self.


I ment a door

You throw a shoe down into the below room, nothing happens.

Sniff, can you smell gas?

You do not smell any gas.

Enter the room below.

Reminds me of the Fallout 3 mod.

You hear a click, you are frightened, after about 10 seconds you start to move around again, it doesn't seem to be trapped.

move to the room to your right; do the same.

Keep going through rooms.

You need a plan. That ends in you leaving that room.

I like the green room better!

go into the room on your right
open the door, throw your shoe in to see if anything happens

You throw a show inside of the blue room, nothing happens, you stumble in.

You notice a code in door before you enter, what does it mean?

You hear people talking. 

Move closer to the source of the sound.

Eat the shoe

You begin to enter the room.

Someone grabs a hold of you!

**That’s the last thing image you can remember. **

You wake up.

"I’ll be taking these."

You stand up, which way now? You have no boots. The only clue you have are the door's numbers.