Cubemap issues

I keep having some kind of cubemap issues. the cubemaps for some of my textures keep swapping around in realtime, depending on where the player is in the level, and in what direction they’re looking.

like, I have a floor split into quadrants.but when I stand at the corner of one of the quadrants, and look to the centre of the room, the floor I’m standing on becomes dark, while the other three remain light.
If I move elsewhere, the floor can flicker back to normal. or one of the other parts flicker dark too. I noticed this also happens with a reflective puddle overlay, elsewhere in the maop.

Here are some images:

Any ideas what’s wrong?

Anyone know at all?

What game?
Which compile parameters are used?
Do you do rebuild cubemaps after each build?

Half Life 2

any parameters (default included).
Only difference is I have the Vbsp that fixes the Cubemap compile issue from Reepblue, so the custom “-nocubemap” parameter is added, to prevent cubemaps being compiled during map compile. This shouldn’t affect the maop’s textures, though.

With each build, I have to build cubemaps twice on each setting. Once to get the textures cubemapped, and once for models. For some reason, models need a second cubemap runthrough every time.

Try using the Brush Face feature

Its because by default textures swap cubemaps based on which cubemap is closest to the camera. Using the brush face feature should reduce this issue.

How exactly do I use this feature? I’m not quite sure where it is in the editor.

EDIT: oh, for the cubemap! I’ll give it a shot, but from memory, it didn’t work. I’ll recheck!

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No difference in the issue, however, I’m a little more certain of the issue’s cause. It seems to be connected to visleafs somehow.

Here’s a gallery of images I just took. the only issue is, it also seems to be view-direction based, shown in the last 2/3 images.

EDIT: checked all textures, and none are vertex textures. they are known to cause these types of issues, but in this case, nothing.
For the record, here is the VMT of the texture:

    "$basetexture" "kizzycocoa/homestuck/kingdoms_derse/tile/marble_floor"
    "$bumpmap"    "kizzycocoa/homestuck/kingdoms_derse/bumpmap/tile/marble_floor_bumpmap"
    "$envmap" "env_cubemap"
    "$basealphaenvmapmask" "1"
    "$surfaceprop" "tile"
    "%noportal" "1"
    "%keywords" "derse"

Anyone have any idea at all? This is still an issue, and no fixes are working. x_x