Cubemap Specular LDR vs HDR, missing reflections for some.

Sorry if this has been addressed in the past.
So, I’m building a map for a Gmod gamemode in Hammer, using the 2006 Deathmatch mode. Every time I compile and load the map I get the messed up missing reflections on all the surfaces. I found the workaround by opening the BSP in VIDE, removing all the textures, reloading game, then going through the process of turning off hdr and specularity, and building cubemaps, turning on HDR and rebuilding. ect. After doing that process, all the reflections look great for me and most other players.

For some reason, players that have HDR off by default are getting the missing reflections (pink squares), even though when I turn off HDR and reload the map, my reflections work. The players with the issue also have BLOOM turned off. I’m confused and a bit frustrated.

I’m also reaching out to see if anyone knows of a better, faster way of building cubemaps without having to go through the whole process of deleting files and rebuilding in a crazy order.

Thanks in advance!