cubemaps and normalmaps not working

Is there some new thing I have to do since the release of cs go to get my cubemaps and normal maps to show up? I was able to do it during beta. Here’s my vmt:

“$basetexture” “MINE/CROFT/croftwhitewindow”
“$bumpmap” “MINE/CROFT/croftwhitewindow_normal”
“$normalmap” “MINE/CROFT/croftwhitewindow_normal”
“$envmap” “env_cubemap”
“$envmapmask” “MINE/CROFT/croftwhitewindowenvmask”

I’m compiling then running the map, buildcubemaps, it takes pictures and restarts, i then restart csgo, re load the map, theyre not there :confused:
The normal maps arent either but strangely enough the shaders that I have added animated bump maps to ARE working.

iirc you can’t have an envmap and a normal map

You are able to place the env map and normal map in the same texture and do the command of like alphaenvmapmask “file location” or something but not fully sure. Would wait until someone who actually remembers stuff comes in here.

Hmm, although it would be good to learn how/ if you can do envmap and normal map, but for now all i want is to be able to see each in game, I have many textures with ONLY envmaps and many with ONLY normalmaps, but these won’t work either.

use the question megathread too