Cubemaps breaks models lighting information...

I have map, I have cubemaps there, but there is a big problem.

I want to build cubemaps, so I remove all Texture/Textrue HDR files (default cubemap file I dont remove) from bsp file to make them functionally. I save new bsp file. But after that my map lost all models light data (staticproplighting, …) Building cubemaps didnt help me. I tried it several times but there is same result. Any ideas how to make cubemaps without removing files or making them just with commands?

I am using Half Life 2 as source game for my Garrys Mod map.

I found something on google. There was something about bugged vbsp. But fix was just for Source SDK 2013 SP/MP. I tried use this vbsp but it compilation it failed.

removing stuff from a bsp breaks prop baked in lighting.

It really really really sucks.

What you can do is once you have those cubemaps, extract them, find the unedited bsp, then pack the extracted cubemaps over the original ones that you deleted the first time.

You are my master now :open_mouth: