Cubemaps problem

Hello, i got a problem with my cubemaps. When i type “buildcubemaps” in console, i get this weird error “Can’t load vtex.dll”. I sended the .bsp to a friend and he could build the cubemaps. Does anyone know a reason for this to happen or is it just bad luck? I thought it could have to do with my OS since its not supported (Windows 7 RC build 7100). Thanks in advance!
oh, forgot to mention, im building them in HL2.

Why not building them in garry’s mod? Try that.

(asuming your map is for garry’s mod)

Simply sounds like VTEX has corrupted itself. Just delete it then verify the integrity of your HL2 and Source SDK cache.

ok, well, the map isnt for GMod cause my comp can barely handle OB engine :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it still does’nt work. I tried removing Vtex.dll from both SDK and HL2 and verofy after that, but it still does’nt want to work :confused:

It’s probably because the dll isn’t programmed for win7, most of the time it doesn’t matter, but I guess for this specific one, it’s different.

well, the buildcubemaps process works fine in EP1 and its on the same engine :confused:
But the compile on the other hand messes up in EP1 with decals and some props

It’s probably a problem with vtex.dll then, the ep2 and ep1 versions differ, so it’s probably that.

Well. The HL2 (original, not EP2) one should be the same as the ep1 cause they run on the same engine. Anyway, i have sended an E-mail to valve about it. Hopefully they know a solution for it.

I suggest trying another game. Like EP2.