Cubemaps + Skybox fucked up after using pakrat

I used pakrat, now I see stuff outside the skybox (I didn’t when I didn’t use Pakrat yet), and everything is glowing cause of Cubemaps.
Can I use a other program for that? Or will each program -****- mess these up?

Don’t use Pakrat, use VIDE’s pakfile majig.


It might be because you haven’t packed in the skybox textures (will VIDE will) because pakrat doesn’t detect everything.

Can we get a screenie of the problem in game?

It’s now like this:


I’ve made a skybox, and OUTSIDE it, there is a other part of the map. There is no problem with like leaks, cause didn’t change shit.


Btw, can you help me with Teamviewer if possible?

You should add an areaportal and a door to wherever the huge climb starts

Why? It worked fine and I’m not that pro. I just want to fix this shit, so, skybox + cubemap.
Can someone please help me with teamviewer? if possible with VIDE.

For the cubemaps, are you changing the map’s name in any way after you pakrat’d?

Yes, cause I don’t want to overwrite the maps name.

That’s the problem. I’ve read somewhere that when cubemaps are built and saved within the .bsp, it recognizes a certain .bsp file name of which it was built from. So changing a map’s name after you build the cubemaps causes the cubemap scripts to “not work”. Just overwrite the name; not much harm in it.

its an area portal issue, portal it off

Again, I’m no pro.
I don’t know how to use portals.
But why is it a portal issue? Cause, I didn’t use portals before I added those files with pakrat, and after I have a problem.

Don’t change the name of the map after you compile. Doing that messes with things.