Absolutely beautiful and a very interesting angle

this is what happens when you let kids listen to their satanic rock music


[sp]May I ask where you got the blood pool prop from ? [/sp]

shouldn’t have used in-game pistol lasers, they’re too dark

otherwise fantastic and horrifying

iä iä

dunno man, honestly

Oh my god

awesome execution

How did you do the soft lighting? It actually becomes softer by distance

I’ve seen people try to do this angle before, but it always results in much of the posing looking awkward as a result of the angle.

Here, it works wonderfully. Great job.

An amazing angle, is that stuff from Mask’s updated pack? Haven’t gotten to it myself, can’t recognize the floor. Is it from that pack?

It’s a scaled down blood pool from the Braindead easter egg in L4D’s Blood Harvest campaign

Most of the props are from his pack, but the floor isn’t. I used this one:

I came in here expecting SERVANTS OF THE CHAOS GODS

Instead I got teenies who listen to Black Veil Brides and read too many slenderman creepypastas


Oh silly me SFM

Appreciate how one of them is Victoria from Life is Strange. Awesome angle, good lighting.

I think it’s gmod. He just downloaded an SFM prop into gmod. I just did that with the floor too, really neat floor, would recommend as a floor prop.

naw, that’s sfm mate

nooooo, thought you edited it nicely :frowning:

You can tell by the soft and volumetric lighting / god rays coming from the door in the original, which are awesome by the way

I thought it was Mask’s volumetric lighting prop at first. I used that one to do godrays in some pics.

Golden. I have been thinking about how feasible is a top-down game and this provides with a completely new angle