cupboard Range?

hey guys,
just wanted to ask, how Big The cupboard Radius is ( i Know its 30m, But how HIGH is that? (in Blocks). Hope You guys can help me, i’m trying to figure out how to Build a base no One can Jump on without dying!  is it Right, that you die when you Jump off 25 Blocks??
Does someone know, if the cupboard Range is a Ball or a cylindre? does somebody Know if the Blocks are as high as the foundations are wide?

thx 


I have found that you start having issues when you are 7 floors directly above the cupboard, you then need to place a second one to allow for rotation / deleting blocks.

As for the jump height, you can loose up to 70% health when jumping from 6th Floor, but sometime you only loose 25%.

I’ve seen people trying this to my home just today… Scary sight for sure ! LOL

Idk how but they managed to build fairly close within my cupboard radius, i would even say it’s not really that " cicle like ". They radius covers more side on the left side of my house, than on the right side. Although that’s how it looks like, might just be the mountain difference that causes this to be a fake sight.
It was fun to demolish their blocks though, tumbled straight down into their death --> easy looting ;D

On topic:
I’ve always heard or read, that the radius would be around 30 meters. Not entirely sure though, but i guess it could be around that distance for sure. And i also think it’s a vitual ball shaped cone around your cupboard that offers you the protection.

Regarding the health lost on jumping from distances, i have no clue at all… I’ve never tried it myself o.o

Is not a ball, is a sphere.

You can simply build your house over a high, big and plain rock and put your cupboard on 2nd/3rd floor with no problem. Or if it is a higher house you can put more cupboards on a very high floor.

The recommendation is that you don’t leave more than 2/3 floors above your Cupboard or people will get to the roof easier.

My question…

Say i place a cupboard on the 1st floor and authorise, then onto the 3rd floor later on and also authorise.

If a raider breaks into the 1st floor and authorises himself onto the cupboard I placed first… will he then be able to build?

In summary, what affects authorisation priority- is it which cupboard is placed first, or who authorises first? Does my 2nd cupboard overrule the first one because I authorised ‘in the covered area’ before the raider, or does he join me in having priority from the ‘1st placed cupboard’ in that area??

My Idea was, to Build like 7-9 Walls high, without Having floors. i also dont want to have a roof. so if someone jumps in, he will Directly fall through to the First floor, which will (hopefully) kill him. if you have higher Walls, the guys raiding you have to Build a higher Tower and they will die… do you guys think that it depends on the Underground how much fall damage you get? i also see a mit of cupboards Flying Around, i’m thinking about Letting One fly in 6th floor or so, and Then no roof in top of IT! :wink: i jumpend of 12 Blocks yesterday (onto a foundation) and didnt Even lose half Life…

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i’m just trying to figure out, how much Walls are the Best Way to make an undraidable house. if i actually found a Solution im Gonna Tell you guys

The cupboard you place first takes priority.I usually place my first cupboard on the 5th floor where i place all my stuff,i then place another one on the 3rd floor and 7th floor (7th floor is the highest floor).

I delete the stairs on my 1rst and 2nd floor and fill my roof with snap traps,this base is usually built on a boulder for extra precautions and is either 4x4x7 or 5x5x7.

Thanks Warhound.

I had a weird experience where I got raided and they made it up to the 3rd floor. My first cupboard was on the 1st floor walled in, with a second cupboard on the 3rd floor.

The raiders appeared to have destroyed walls to get up to the 3rd floor but then stopped. My 1st floor cupboard was still walled in when I woke up, unscathed, on the 4th floor.

Later on, another player said he used my bust open 1st floor to hide in, and authorised himself on the cupboard which was open to the air.

So it seems like someone walled in my cupboard later on with the idea that they could access my base at a later time.

So, what I really don’t get, is why the raiders stopped at the 3rd floor. If what you are saying is true and the gained priority by accessing my 1st floor cupboard, then surely they could have gotten through all the floors???

Very strange experience!

Strange indeed.

They can also get to the upper floors by standing on things like a furnace,a door (if there is a crate next to the door) or a cupboard (if it isn’t the main one,the will just build stairs if it is the main one)