Cupboard Rework

So we were talking in legacy rant thread and decide Rs came up with a quite usefull idea imo about making cupboards into sign like a “bill of ownership” and also the sign would show who was currently authorized

this way they would take up less space

Also i have a new idea for their use

instead of cupboards giving you the power to block players from building in your area, the cupboards should only give you the power to build stuff that is beyond twig tier

so ppl could still build twig stuff on your house, finally and end to the op’ness of rock bases and building ceilings on the side of your house but still risky as the twig tier can be easily destroyed if you go for some douche camping on his house

so what i mean is the cupboards should no longer give a building blocked radius they should give and upgrade blocked radius

what do you guys think?

If you change the cupboard to only blocking above twig tier, how does this stop building griefing, now? All of your doors are now walled by twig walls an inch in front of the door. You’re trapped. Great.

That’s why cupboards were added. As a shortcut to stopping building exploits.

yeah but destroying twig tier is no problem so its not really griefing my friend :slight_smile:

only problems could be signs but they should just nerfed so they only take like 4 hits from a hatchet

Explain how you destroy twig tier when it’s placed on the other side of a door, and you have already upgraded the walls around that door to stone. You are inside, the walls are stone, the door is metal, and outside the door there is a twig wall blocking the door from opening. All of the doors you have on ground level are blocked this way.

Now what do you do?

Make it so doors colliding with twig building parts break the twigs? Or make it so the peephole thing on the metal door actually opens so you can shoot/spear the wall down?

Not sure I agree with OP’s idea to begin with. Just trying to think of a fix for your problem.

how would he place a wall on top of my wall bro? the only thing that could block is the “block”, just bring back the ability to rotate doors problem solved? or suicide outside break the stuff with your rock or jump from your roof really alot of possiblities bro? why are you such a hater? everything i post you automatically disagree with?

And this is where the cupboard would be replaced and the problem solved properly, which is not worth doing until the building system design is locked down.

…and this is specifically why the cupboard exists, as a bandaid fix to prevent building griefing until it makes sense to specifically code in all of the anti-griefing cases. Until the design is locked down, it’s not worth coding in all of the special cases, because the underlying building system may require drastic changes, and when that happens, all of this special handling code is usually broken and needs to be completely redone. It’s a waste of time until the design is locked down, and until then, the cupboard is a quick fix.

The problem is that people are incorporating it into the gameplay meta and expecting it to be continued in the design when all it actually was was a quick way to prevent walling in bases.

And I think railj doesn’t understand that there’s nothing in the game that stops a wall from being placed right in front of his door except the cupboard (unless the devs have fixed up the building system and not documented it in devblogs, lately). Along with a number of other building exploits.

And, no, railj, I don’t hate you. I don’t automatically disagree with everything you post. (Go through your own posting history and see for yourself if I pooped on you every time.) However, the idea you’re proposing is not thought out very well, in my opinion, and I’ve provided criticism on it and challenged you to defend it and explain solutions to problems raised by your approach. This is a forum. I’m allowed to respond to things. If you don’t want people commenting on your stuff, email it to the devs privately.

please elix explain how you place a wall directly in the place where the other 1 is sitting? and if its just twig then whats the freaking problem?

I like the bill of ownership idea.

But the weight of “gameplay value” to specifically “grief value” leans far to much on the side of the griefs for the twig thing to be worth it.

Now if your door is on the right way it has to open inwardly anyway but never the less twig wall none sense would just be annoying and the ladders already deal with the excessive overpowered nature of rock bases.

Twig in zone construction would further through raid balance in favor of the raiders.

You used to be able to place furnaces, walls, and other obstructions directly in front of a door to stop it from opening, among a number of griefing tactics.

Guess what the cupboard’s supposed to fix so the devs don’t have to code fixes for every single possible thing players might find.

Side note: doors should be exempt to the “inside outside” rule. many of my bases I would prefer to have my doors open outward but am making myself more vulnerable if I do so. Let them be rotated either way without effecting their defense from either side. you can still take down the door frame from the inside which is functionally the same effect.

or you can look at it another way, roof campers would have more things to worry about atm its just build ceilings on the sides and you will be fine. but there would also be risk for the person trying to get the camper cause the twig gets destroyed so easily and he might fall ? :slight_smile:

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deployables should just take a max of 8 hits to destroy they wont be worth the resources to grief with then’’

you could do in legacy too but it isent what most ppl spend their time doing

all the griefing tactics where availible in legacy but still ppl wouldent do that all the time

this is even coming from me (Dr.grief) i used to be the biggest asshole in legacy shacking everybody i could find in their bases even at some times farming 10 large spike walls just to spike ppl in

ppl actually normally laughed about and took the joke nicely some didnt but i would say 85 % ppl thought it was funny even though they got griefed

my point is griefing also cost resources and its not what ppl mainly do there are plenty of other things to do in rust atm like holding down mouse 1 and sitting in your base watching your quarry…

the one trying to get in with a risk of falling do to easily destroyed is a far lower standard of risk, especially when many (likely most) raids happen when the target is offline.

And roof campers aren’t invulnerable as is.

if they have ceilings around the roof you can only get in with a raid tower and that is quite risky atm my friend trust me im a big roof camper

IMO scrub the cupboard entirely. make server community based rules about what is considered griefing, and uphold them with temp/perm bans via admins. eventually people will get the hint.

the problem isn’t that people grief, it’s that there is no penalty for that kind of behaviour. all the cupboard does is prevent players building in certain ways in a game that prides itself on progressive, emergent gameplay.

There is a lot of cupboard hate out there, but a bill of ownership is sort of the same thing–or at least it retains the most hated feature of the cupboard, a “magical force field”.

We could go back to Legacy’s building exclusion mechanism… although, come to think of it, that was a magic force field too…

Heres the plan:

  1. Start yelling at the people outside who blocked up you doors.
  2. Spam the use key on the door until the key breaks off.
  3. Bug the admins a whole bunch until they mute you or something.
  4. Get Really Angry.
  5. Run around in you base till you go insane.
  6. Kill anyone else in the building for food.
  7. Start drawing with chalk on the walls counting the minutes you have been in there.
  8. Get on you roof and wonder if anything will help you.
  9. Jump…
  10. When you get back to your base realise that you could have made the door open inwards.

the cost of griefing is the resources :slight_smile: thats why no resource should be abundant in rust not even wood… and its not really grief if it is the twig tier they only take 2 hits guys…

imo this is a step in the direction of phasing the cupboards out :slight_smile: who disagrees?