Cupboards are broken in their current state.

Cupboard spam around rocks so you can’t build up and raid is currently broken. You can build armored 1x1s around your base with a cupboard sitting in the middle and be completely unraidable unless you take out all the 1x1s.

Cupboards and rock bases need adjusting. They’re ruining the feel of rust. I miss legacy where everyone actually ran around and did things. Currently I’m just seeing a bunch of kids elevator up to their rock bases and sit around all day on full servers.

Oh please, whine more. Build a damn rocket launcher and blow that shit up instead of trying to ruin other people’s fun.

What does a rocket launcher do? Everyone who is training on this love of rock bases go to line is “build a rocket launcher” first of all, rocket launchers are insanely rare and hard to get.

Second of all, rocket launchers don’t fix the situation. Do you expect someone to spam rockets at a building before they magically hit the cupboard, destroy it, then build up so they can raid the base?

Please, use some thought before creating shitposts.

Cupboards are just temporary.

Pot, meet Kettle…

They shoot rockets.

It’s almost like you want the loot just handed to you without any effort.

No. I expect them to destroy the base. Oh, I’m sorry, did you feel entitled to that loot? Like you should just get it automatically?

It’s almost as if people start destroying rock bases, people will stop building there. Crazy, right?

Quoting for posterity.