Cupboards are ok. Just shouldn't block building twig tier.

99% of the buildings, built on the rock and water, because we found that it is the simplest way to defend against raiding. It is ugly and uncomfortable without staircases but we found that it is the simplest way to defend against raiding.

Cupboards system is ok. We just need one simple thing - cupboards should not block ability to build twigs. It must only block ability to upgrade (downgrade) to other tiers.


  1. Doesn’t matter where you built your house, rock, water. We can get up with twig blocks and ladders.
  2. No point to remove ladders anymore. We can build beautifull and comfortable houses with ladders, balcony etc.
  3. Still no one can block you and screw up your house, just with twig blocks.
  4. Just balance other things - building HP, buildings cost, C4 damage and cost.

Besides that:

  2. Twig tier should be a more expensive.
  3. Lifetime of twig buildings should be limited.
  4. Upgrades should be consistent. T1->T2->T3->T4. Twig tier could be upgraded to heavy metall in one click, but at full cost of all sequence.
  5. We need some demolishing (or downgrading) tool, that could destroy (or downgrade) anything in range of our cupboards. It should costs us resources. But we need demolishing tool much cheaper than C4.

Or somesort of grappling hook or moveable ladder system would be nice.


Cupboards are okay…but allow twig.

You do realize that would completely defeat the point of cupboards, right? I dunno about you, but if I were to build onto someones roof, I sure as hell wouldn’t upgrade what I was building to wood or stone.

Cupboards are there to stop people from just building up on your base, they are there to allow the builder more freedom so we can make cool stuff.

I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate the fact that I no longer have to put 10 million pillars around my base to stop someone from blowing into my top floor. My bases finally look cool rather than retarded lol.

This can be a nice side effect of the cupboard, but the main purpose is to stop grifers from building you in or outside of your own home/base. It was never intended to stop raiders from taking your shit.

Quote: "Tool Cupboard

So, systems eh? 80% of the community will love this, 15% will hate it, and the other 5% will write comments that start with “Why not just” and end with “instead?”.

The idea with the cupboard is that you place it in your building. Your friends come up to it and authorize with it. Now no-one but you and your friends can build within a 30 meter radius of the cupboard. Being in the radius of an authorized cupboard gives you extra abilities too, like being able to demolish and flip/rotate other building blocks.

This doesn’t mean you own your house forever. Someone could break in and destroy or clear your tool cupboard – and take ownership. This would mean that then you wouldn’t be able to build in your base, you’d have to break in and steal the cupboard back. If you build a cupboard in the radius of an existing one, the oldest created one takes priority.

This is obviously untried and untested. There’s a lot to think about, a lot to tweak. My greatest worry is that the cupboard will turn into something that you absolutely have to have in your home – or someone could just come along and drop one on your doorstep, demolish a wall and gain instant access. But maybe that’s your fault for not building one? It’s something we’re going to be testing next week on the dev server anyway – so we’ll see how it goes.

Also please keep in mind that just because it exists now, it doesn’t mean it always will. We might come up with something else in the future that makes it completely redundant."


Sounds good, but harder to implement.

My solution is very simple and could be tested in the near future. It solves all main problems.

  1. Allows you to build on rocks, water or whatever legally. This just will not give you the benefits.
  2. Allows legally raiding not using logout bugs etc.
  3. Your base still protected from demolishing and griefing.


“Building blocked” protections should be infinite height cylinders rather than spheres.

I think the cupboard problem could simply be solved by adding a code or a code lock to it. You can build and demolish if you know the code, if you don’t, you can’t… simple. If you are raiding a house and you destroy an enemy cupboard, you shouldn’t be able to place your cupboard immediately after. there should be some sort of cooldown zone, that would make impossible to place another cupboard for 2h maybe. that should avoid placing your own cupboard inside an enemy build and start demolishing it.

I also agree that " “Building blocked” protections should be infinite height cylinders rather than spheres."

This would avoid Eiffel tower sized siege towers that we usually see

I actually think that maybe the cupboard protection and remove isn’t needed with the twig tier. Raiders aren’t likely to upgrade their “additions”

Unless they’re looking to wall you in. Then yes, they’ll upgrade their additions. Happens all the time now since the demolish function was removed last week.

This is really symptomatic of the building rules. I think once other aspects of that system come into play, we will see less of this type of greifing.

When i played legacy griefing was the second disappointing thing after cheaters.

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I propose this instead :P

Some guy have started similar topic on reddit and people like the idea -

I will build a labyrinth of twig walls out of your front door so you have to hear 100 twig building parts explode before you can get out. When you do get out, I’ll run up and build the trail of twig building parts back so you have to do it to get back in- and, that’s if you can even find your house within the massive twig structure I made for you. If you try to interrupt me, I will continue building twig structures faster than you can bring them down. I won’t stop either because I will bring a full inventory of wood with me. Entire forests will vanish because I will have double incentive to chop trees now. Meanwhile, I get to place my c4 on an panel I think is best anywhere on the building and have the easiest time raiding of all time because even if I can go in top and can’t find your cupboard (which I will of course) I will be able to build my way right back out.

I can’t wait until they implement your suggestion.

As long as there was a limit of 2-3 high that you could build with twigs before it collapsed (which makes sense since it’s twigs), I’d be ok with that. Otherwise, you just make it so that people can make a 10 story raid tower to swan dive onto your roof and get into your base easily. I’m not against being raided, but let’s not just hand the keys to your base to every other player on the server.

all you have to do is wait to put the cupboard up or turn it off to put the twig up…

It’s ok. And it could be fun. But as i said, twig tier should be a more expensive (with reduced upgrapde cost) and have a limited lifetime. For example, lifetime - one hour, cost of twig wall 200 wood, upgrade to wood tier - 100 wood. And If you like to to chop trees - go on!

Sarcasm? No, let builders continue to build “unraidable” rock and water bases, with no ladders inside (or turned ladders). And let raiders continue to build 100 levels ramps, then switch to bugged horizontal building, then jump and use disconnect bug to take no fall damage… It’s much interesting.


He is talking about people who aren’t authorized. i.e. a raider.

In what world with a properly-balanced building module health system is getting onto someone’s roof … being given the “keys to your base”?

The best thing about the tool cupboard is that when no-build zones finally get removed in favor of something intelligent and intuitive, there’s apparently going to be a lot of people out there with the strategic building skills of a potted plant. And when the raiding begins, there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

How can you tell the cupboard is effective and good at it’s job?

Look at all the posts whining about it, trying to get it removed or altered in some way to make it easy to raid and troll (grief).

There’s a reason that siege / raid towers have always been the preferred way of getting into someone’s base.