What’s a Curator?
Traditionally, a curator or keeper of a cultural heritage institution (e.g., gallery, museum, or archive) is a content specialist responsible for an institution’s collections. from Wikipedia

Okay, but how do you have a game based around THAT?
Well, one player is the Curator, he takes care of the museum, spawns art and security measure and stuff like that, I’ve had some people compare being him like the sims or roller coaster tycoon. You build and you earn, simple as that.

Everyone else is a thief.

Their goal is to make as much money as possible by breaking into the museum and stealing the Curator’s art, and then getting away with it and selling it.

Sounds interesting, What Can The Curator DO To Stop the Thieves?
Well, he can employ a variety of security measures to catch these thieves. A list:
[li]Security Cameras (made and working)[/li][li]Pressure Plates (made and working)[/li][li]Laser Emitters (made and working)[/li][li]Laser Grids (made and working)[/li][li]Security Turrets (made and working)[/li][li]Secuity Guards (Concept)[/li][/ul]

Okay, while we’re on the subject of the Curator, what kind of art can he buy?
There’s 3 Categories, Family, Enthusiast, and Collector.
Each type of art raises that groups happiness levels most. Families earn you the least money, but are easy to please and cheap to build for. Enthusiasts are a middle ground between Collectors and Families, and Collectors are rich bastards who earn you the most money, but are hardest to please and most expensive to build for.
It’s normally a good idea to have a balance of the 3, but you can easily go a game focusing on one of the groups more than the others. If you want to be strategic about it, since the thieves can only hold 5 items max (more about thieves later), the many objects you would have if you were specializing in family art would give an advantage, since each piece of art they stole would be worth less.
On the flip side, if you focus on Collectors, you can have 3 or 4 major pieces and focus all your security around them.

Whew, that was alot. TL;DR, Short Version pl0x.
Curator builds art. That’s all you really need to know. You’ll figure out the rest as you play.

Okay, back to thieves, what can they do to avoid these security features? And on that note, how does detection work?
Okay, first, detection. Each thief has a detection bar. When it is full, the museum alarm goes off. Any thieves still in the museum after 15 (still calibrating that number) seconds will be arrested, and taken out of the game for 60 seconds.
Now, as for the thieves offense. Currently they’ve got:
[li]Crowbar (made and working) is both an item and weapon.[/li][li]Lockpick (made and working)[/li][li]Explosives (made and working)[/li][li]Rope (made and working)[/li][li]EMP (WIP)[/li][li]Pistol (WIP)[/li][li]Grappling Hook (WIP)[/li][/ul]

The first 4 items are actually just that, Items that take up space in the thief’s 5 slot inventory, they use them to break into the museum itself.
In addition to these items, the thieves have their own skills of observation, most security features can be avoided with knowledge of how to do so. Staying out of a camera’s cone of view, for example, means you won’t be detected by it. Not walking on a pressure plate means you won’t trigger it. Granted, if the Curator is even smarter, he can arrange them so that you can go around one, but not the other. You just have to be smart about it.

God damn, that’s alot. About this 5 slot inventory…
Ah yes, a thief’s inventory is limited to 5 slots, so he cannot make off with everything at once. It also forces him to make a tradeoff between items and stolen goods to produce maximum potential profit.
Oh, and it takes you 5 (again, number pending) seconds to steal something. But that’s no biggie, right?

Okay, well thieves have to buy all this stuff, right? Give it to me straight, how much starting cash do they have?
None. They have to scavenge “junk” scattered around the map to sell. It’s not worth as much as that art you so desperately want, but it’s a good start. (It also gives the Curator time to set up!)

You’re doing this with find me, right?
Yep, he says he’s considering stopping coding, though, so I’m not sure how much more he’ll contribute, but he’s already helped some, and that’s enough.

Okay, how far are you in development?
It’s somewhat stable right now, actually. Everything works as intended. (Spent 2 days bugfinding and testing it) I’m just adding and making more items now.

My Todo list:
[li]Everything listed as WIP or concept above[/li][li]A new map with a more complex setup (ventilation system, pl0x?)[/li][li]Better end round screen (it sucks right now)[/li][li]More sounds and effects (it’s kinda dull in this respect right now)[/li][li]Better thief shop menu (it just sucks, no denying it)[/li][/ul]

Fine, fine, I know you want them:





Cool, when will it be done? Well, at least done enough for us to get a link?
How about right now?
SVN Only:
And as for the map (since its not in the SVN), you can get the current one here:
And v2:

Did you blatantly steal DLaor’s format of a thread with a FAQ of rhetorical questions?
Why yes, yes I did. Thank you for noticing. They say that if somebody copies you, it means you’ve made something worth copying.


And the first person to suggest to make this third person and to add mechanical eyes and a fire arrow get shot. This is NOT remake of thief. If I was going to do that, I’d code it after the contest is done, using a branch of this gamemode.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Just posting to say “Awesome Idea, don’t stop developing it when the contest ends!”? Post it here!

Looks decent.

Not bad, Will the thieves have to work as a team? Or is it every man for themselves?

Pretty neat idea, though kind of confusing. Is there a “build round” and “attack round”, build round being were the Curator can build his security while the thieves can buy and prepare for the attack round were they steal the art? Also do NPCs actually walk around the museum, representing families, enthusiasts, and collectors?

No and no. :smiley:


Its their choice, but they win or lose as a team, so…

So sort of like cooperative competition, he who gets the most money is the best.

Also, excellent job. The idea isn’t incredibly innovative, but it is quite a feat to do in such short time.

Depending on how RSA turns out, this might be my first choice.

Well, what if there are those 'tards out there that prefer to ruin lives and set off all the traps while thieves are in the museum? How about if they set off a certain amount in a certain time, they have to sit out for 180 seconds?

well, if they’re in there setting off traps “for fun” the’ll likely get caught and be removed from the game for 60 seconds anyway, sooo…

Epic. I want to play this gamemode!

ohh password and username on Svn? :S

Looks awesome!



it’s the same damn thing across the board with ALL SVNs. Unless they’re Dev SVNs, in which case they’ll be private passes and usernames.

Anyway, this is pretty unique, but I could see this get kinda boring if there was something a bit more in it for the thieves…perks are good, but we need gadgets, ala 007 style, something Q would think up for the thieves if he were a bad guy.

Derp, Derp, removed the S from the link.:bang:

So, I’ve got these mock ups of the help menu:



Think it’s a good idea?


(The real thing will have better spelling, ofc)


Oh, and if anybody here is looking at the SVN, you’ll notice I’ve got the turret and laser grid up and running now. :smiley:

snip i’m dumb

Looking good.

Looks awesome but needs a dedicated server to properly try out.

either the gamemode is bugged or there’s a lack of help

you can glitch and block the doors as the curator, the reinforced doors close and can’t be opened back

and the crowbar is only used to teamkill and the rope has no purpose


and I have yet to get the EMP working

I hosted this on my server and it took a few minutes to get used to but it was pretty fun with other players. A few problems are mostly the map as some players cant sell there items because the sell menu doesn’t open and players can get stuck in each other at the start of a round since there seems to only be 1 spawn point. there should be a way to rotate the turret since it always faces once direction and is not that useful. For gamdemode problems there should be a way to rotate the turret since it always faces once direction and is not that useful, the curator can spawn props inside players and some times when pressing shift to get your cursor on screen the curators screen will randomly move around.

[ and ] rotate props as curator, I forgot that it doesn’t say that anywhere. I guess I should really make that help menu.