Cure-a-Block - Mappers block cure thread

[release]That block, why are you there? When did you get there? You came in the depths of the night to cover up all existance of hammer. My work, gone, what have you done? Why have you done it? I hate you, I hate you with the power of a thousand suns, now please; go away, I don’t like you and you will never be liked by anyone, sledgehammers don’t work and neither do power tools, so what the fuck makes you go away? [/release]
You! over there! hiding behind your text box, YOU have the power to set me free, I’m stuck behind this rather large wall, don’t leave me, I know you’ve experienced this, please, tell me how you broke free.

Thank you! You solved my mappers block! I will now map a sticky note with drawings on it!


But seriously, if you SOMEHOW missed the point of the OP, you need to be shot, but just because the gun laws in Great Britain are a bit sketchy, I’ll spell it out for you: In this thread, you give your ideas forward to cure mappers block, this is NOT A REFERENCE PICTURE THREAD


Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck


See that thing up there… In in that!
This thread hasn’t helped me get out it yet. :sigh:

Can you see me in there… :sigh:

It’s good to have a small side project to work on when you’re stuck on your main project. Try to balance these two out so when you get stuck on one or the other you can simply take a break and work on the other project.

If you have mappers block with thinking up ideas for something to map, there’s plenty of threads to look at around here or even websites with reference images and ideas.

For instance, this;

Hope this helps.

Make a particle effect like the snow effect I was working on. Its a time killer and looks pretty cool if you do it right.

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I didn’t post any reference pictures. I’m simply saying that reference pictures can help with people who have mappers block. It’s a method I was listing.

Actually, from the page J4censolo posted, this one looks like it’d be awesome to see in GMOD:

I just wish I was good enough to make it myself ><

WoLD forums are slow and boring

Only saying this because of the WoLD link posted

I guess nobody appreciates my help :smithicide:

I do (even if i do not have a mappers block)

Actually you can legally own shotguns, hunting rifles and pistols. It’s just that you need a gun license.

Hi. I’m Highdef. I wanted to share my experience. I’ve been mapping for a few years, and just a couple months ago, I’ve been experiencing some problems. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t stay focused, and most importantly, I couldn’t map. Every single time I tried, I failed the next second. So my family thought it was time to take me to my doctor. My doctor ran some tests on me. I remember a horrifying moment when I was sitting down on the bed in the examination room. My doctor walked in and he told me, “You have Mapper’s Block Syndrome.” My diagnosis was devastating.

I figured I couldn’t do much about that; it gave me nightmares. But then my doctor recommended me Cure-a-Block. Cure-a-Block is the very special ingredient specialized in fighting Mapper’s Block Syndrome.

Cure-a-Block consists of:
[li]Coffee[/li][li]A bit of sugary sweets[/li][li]Motivation from others[/li][li]Layouts and plans[/li][li]Music[/li][li]And a brochure full of reference images[/li][/ul]

Cure-a-Block must be used directly before mapping. You should not use this treatment excessively as it may lead to heart problems. Cure-a-Block does not protect against any form of STDs and HIV/AIDS. If you experience any headaches, stomachaches, dizziness, sleep deprivation, or high blood pressure, stop taking Cure-a-Block and see your doctor immediately.

I know my Cure-a-Block helped me map more. Ask your doctor if Cure-a-Block is the right choice for you!

HighdefGE, I heard that it can cause cancer, is that true?

Cure-a-Block can also get you arrested under the terrorism act in the uk…use with caution!

I’ve been using it for the past two months, and my brian cells are just fine.

the reference pictures thread helps