Curiosity watching Chell

Your pics have always been good quality even without any editing.
I love it.

Curiosity killed the Chell.

That ruined my new pose idea.

Look me in the eye repeat that… hahaha

I am thinking a nude Chell.

cant wait till
"ro-chell" is finished :smugdog:

Let’s wait for Valve to do the Chell model from Portal 2 first. :v:


Was anyone scared of those eyes when they first played portal?

Anyway, the picture is nice. I like the posing.

Chells got an ass.

I’d be pretty freaked out if I ran into that thing. What model did you use for Chell?

And that helps find that skin, how exactly?

You jerk…

If you’re not going to help, then screw you, man.

demon wants more people to see this, so like always butthurter has to post something

Wait, does that mean there’s no download for this?

Of course there is. How else could I have given it to Demonic and Ramblingoxen.

Oh, really? Forgive me if I don’t take your word for it, but I’ll believe that when I see a download link.

With an attitude like that you shouldn’t expect one.

Hey I’m just letting the thread run it’s course, Butthurter just likes to post.