So I have been looking at facepunch for a year + now and I have a question: Why does everyone hate DarkRP. I get that this community is a bit…shallow so to speak but I mean why single out a gamemode just because it is linked to 10+ kids ? It’s a perfect base for any RP server and is easy to add things to, So I do not understand why single it out to be a bad thing ?

Facepunch generally dislikes gmod RP, whether dark RP or not.

Facepunch hates anything linked to 10 year olds (think Rust, COD, minecraft).

Dark rp is a terrible base for any RP server, but a good base for a RDM fest.

@MuffinZerg Thanks for clearing up why they dislike RP, What do you have to bring to the table as a base for an RP server ? Suggestions ?

It also revolves around money printers, drugs, and corrupt cops.

@YourStalker Personally I would not add any of the 3 due to it being pointless unless it was MafiaRP or something.

It used to be Conna’s stuff. OpenAura or smth. Now nutscript is the next best thing.

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You’ve been “looking at facepunch” for a year and still don’t know that @nickname does nothing here?

Well yea I have, hence why I was expecting the snarky comments to come.