Curious about mapping for GMOD

What’s a good map size for a build server?

We don’t need more build maps. Unless you’re willing to spend more than a month on it, don’t bother.

16x16 :smiley:

Don’t be an asshole.
He’s probably asking for his friends / or his own server for a unique build map, i don’t really think he want it to be something really special, just something he can call his own.

Any way to OP

Make it quite big add a big pool (some one likes to make boats and stuff), a large skybox for flying stuff and that’s all.

Really you want it as big as possible. The thing that’s hard about build maps is the balance between fun/interactable things and wide open areas.

Like WarRage said; it needs a high skybox, lot’s of open area and lot’s of open water.

Would you recommend a good map that has all that avwos said?

(I would ask him directly but it appears the banhammer has come down once again LOL)

Right heres a checklist:

Big fat pool (for the boat builders)

Massive grassy area (for other random contraptions)

Test track (for cars and races)

massive skybox (for all the flying contraptions)

a building or two (because for some reason they need to be there)

and maybe a railway or something to get from all of the areas quickly (if the map is gonna be super huge)

Really what i’m trying to say is make a larger version of Gm_Construct

Oh yeah and some other things to make it feel bettar =D