curious as to if there is a possible appeals process

hey guys, i contacted EAC regarding an appeals process, and they told me that the ban was placed by a facepunch admin, couldn’t find any threads about this topic, so now i’m here!

edit, 7:25pm EST 5/18

sorry, forgot to leave my steam ID! here it is -

Is it a single official server ban or are you EAC banned from all servers?

Because I’m not a Rust dev, I don’t know why you may have been banned, and I cannot speak to any specific decisions made regarding you, but in my experience, if the devs server-ban someone from a server, it’s for a good reason; I have never seen them reverse a server ban once they have placed one on someone. However, in those cases, it only applies to one server, not the entire game.

EAC banned from all servers.

Oh, I remember you. Welcome back, ryanp0405. You were EAC banned last summer, briefly unbanned on appeal, and then re-banned because you had been family sharing with an account that was banned for doing this.

If you’re still using the same Steam account, that’s why you were EAC banned, and that ban is not new. Family sharing automatically infects the host account with an EAC ban if the sharing account is caught cheating, closing this loophole.

the question isnt to whether i was hacking, cheating, exploiting, etc. or anything to cause the ban, the question was if there was an appeals process regarding facepunch-placed EAC bans. :slight_smile:

There is no appeals process for a ban placed for family sharing an account with a cheater and for threatening to toggle your hacks on.

LOL, if this was taken seriously, you need to lighten up, if that seems like an actual hack threat, your sense of humor clearly is a lot more blind-sided than others. Like i stated before, the question has nothing to do regarding the ban, and so, I’m waiting for a facepunch admin to give me an answer. I appreciate the feedback though:)

Well, it may be a joke or it may not, but it’s not the reason you were banned, either, so it doesn’t particularly matter.

I don’t think you’re going to get a different answer than here, but I wish you the best of luck.

Guy gets caught cheating on an alt account, threatens to use cheats on another account, then says we shouldn’t take the threat seriously…

well given you haven’t been unbanned since, it’s pretty safe to assume the answer is no.

but i’ll leave it to elix to continue providing multitudes of character damaging evidence until you get the hint;)

This really translates into “I can’t give a reasonable response, so i’ll act passive aggressive instead”

Find peace, thou cheater.

even though ive recited this multiple times, my question in the topic has no regards as to why the ban was there, why things were said, etc. the question is if there’s an appeals process i can undergo with facepunch to possibly shorten the ban, remove the ban, etc.

I would say that there is an appeals process, but you already used it last year and were re-banned after the appeal was incorrectly granted when your ban was in fact entirely correct because it was for a family share account cheating via the loophole. There is no further appeals process for you to remove a validly-placed EAC ban, and anticheat bans are of permanent duration and no shorter. You are either not banned at all, or you are permanently banned, there is no in-between.

You can keep on holding out for a response from the devs, but I think you’ll probably be ignored because you were told last year and the devs’ policies have not changed since.

To put it another way: if they didn’t unban the people who were banned in the first few ban waves who came here a year+ later asking as you are, what chance do you have?

the first ban was actually incorrect though, but thank you for acting like you know what happened! <3

But I do. Because it’s in public for all to see. I even linked it directly for you.

So the bans therefore after were legit, now fuck off.

This is good stuff

i mean all i want to know is if an admin or a fellow community member could answer my question