Curious as to if this would be a possible feature. Might be stupid, though.

Would it be possible to have the entire landscape of Rust on a cubed grid, where by terraforming occur? I mean in the sense that lets say you have a tool such as a shovel, and you dig at the ground - would it be possible to have small areas gridded so that when you “dig” it digs down a level? This would allow people to expand bases underground, allowing for underground storage, bases, etc. Thoughts?

Again, I’m not sure if this would be plausible.

Edit: This would also allow for super secret tunnel entrances that spand over a long stretch of land without jeopardizing the landscape above! Underground bunkers would be really cool.

Sounds kinda cool, but could be abused

But what if there was a certain limit to it, where they prevented certain altitudes like the areas of mountains from being altered and at the altitudes where you could dig you could only dig a certain distance down?

While neat in concept, I’m sure the mechanics of making something like this work would be very difficult.

It might destroy the feel of the game as well. At the current moment, Rust seems to be less about altering the landscape and more about raw survival (minus the fact that you can build guns and massive forts). It could be really annoying if players altered the landscape too much and you run into the same issues you have with Minecraft (players leaving piles of dirt when trying to reach high places, screwing up the natural look of the landscape with overuse, etc.).

Sounds really good :smiley:

if not digging and tunneling, i’d think burying objects would be useful, like crates and keys(if implemented)

I think what you’d want is this

is that the same engine?

It’s in the title of the video… Unity.

That would be really cool. Hopefully the devs implement something similar.

It should be allowed but only on foundations you own.

Probably should allow for trenching at least. At least things that are military-esque.