Curious, why no ceiling on a foundation with 5 pillars?

I’ve been playing for about 2 weeks. I made up a plan for a really sweet base. The idea was to have 3 walls/doors to break through on the outside shell of the house. Ended up getting home and putting it to the test when I found out you are unable to build a ceiling on top of 5 pillars in an X formation on a foundation. If we were able to do this it would open up a ton of really awesome floor plans as well as a better defense for home owners. If not a ceiling on top of the pillars maybe we could do a ramp on top of them?

Usually, the “fifth” pillar is to prevent raiders or griefers building stairs. You would add that after you set your foundation,walls,ceilings,etc

Ah so it is possible to put one in. I didn’t think to try it after I had already put the ceiling on. I’ll have to test it tonight.

Being that ceilings are currently indestructible, there is little need for the 5th pillar underneath.

If you wanted to do 3 walls on 1 foundation (Second wall will obviously be part of 2 foundations) you have to have a 5th pillar. Main reason I wanted to do it. I will try to put up a screen shot for you so you can better understand what I trying to pull off.

Yeah the trick to put the 5th pillar in after the ceiling is up isn’t working. So guess it would be cool if they made it to where we could pull this off.