Curious... Why the Attitudes?

I’ve been around here for a while now. Maybe not posting daily, but I am a lurker and I view the forums at home, when away from home, etc. I had followed the development of the game for a while. What I’ve noticed is a large amount of players (both in-game and on the forums)… just dishing out hatred to each other. Guys just blatantly flaming each other at every turn. Whether that be a post they made, running into them in-game, etc.

Usually you see that when a game launches and a ton of new players come in from the outside. Traditionally the core membership gets along perfectly fine then all hell breaks loose when more people come in. Then the core membership starts flaming them, and each other, and it turns into a mess. Traditionally, this is more often with PvP games and even more so with shooters.

I’m curious though… with the game so early on, you’d think the hate wouldn’t be there just yet. That people would be getting along (as least being civil) and helping each other test the game out. Seems like a lot of immaturity and e-peen measuring going on. Am I wrong?

Your Right , I see everyone getting away from the true nature of why we are all in this game at the moment. In a sense I believe we are the ones that are helping develop the game by trial and error , learning where bugs are , and reporting them to get this game as well polished as it can be before the game even releases.

Because every new player acts like a whining 12 year old that can’t stand kos, think everyone is cheating and combat logs on everyone they see. It’s hard to like new players when so much of this shit happens.

Although I do agree with you, at the same time I feel like every game is full to the brim with flamers and there’s nothing that can really be done about it.

i see where there coming from now tho people in the game as it stands are established and have bases and all the c4 and m4’s that they dare to have.

New comers to the game have a rock and are naked and realistically do not pose a threat to the established player (any established player knows not to trust anyone and with an m4 can safely tell said newbie to stand down and move away without the need for loss of life).

So with that said where does the actual problem lie with the whiny newbies or the KOS asshats (you know who you are) if you have everything and have a little something between your ears (you know how to open a browser so there has to be a little bit) there is no need to kill the little naked guy with a rock or a hatchet or even a torch.

Please where is the actual skill involved in that??

Let the flaming begin.

welcome to facepunch,

also because half the people in this forum are a huge age distance and maturity level compared to the rest of the forums

Because there are a lot of people abusing the bugs right now. Also, fresh spawns crying all the time when they get kos. It’s part of the game, it sucks, but you can’t trust anyone. I used to let them live untill I got shot in the back by a so-called newspawn. You just can’t trust people in this game. It’s frustrating when you build up your base and have everything secured, to come back on and see they just glitched in.

Also, the easyness of hacking in the game isn’t exactly helping either. Everyone who can shoot decently will be called a hacker, the tiniest dodgiest thing will be seen as a hack. It’s just impossible right now to be sure of anything.

Other than that, people need to accept that getting killed and raided is part of the game and (if it was done legit) stop crying about it and move on.

Mature people don’t cry over a game at all.

you used to be able to walk around and not get shot until the dayz tards showd up

It seems odd with the PvE server being available. There has also been some good coverage of this game on a few sites (I found this game from an article of Rock, Paper, Shtogun), so a lot of people coming in (including me).

If I feel the need to just experiment, I’ll go PvE. If I need my bu**-**le reemed, I’ll go standard PvP. It is the very nature of large, versus, easy-kill gameplay.

One of the reason would be naked players running around with M4’s.

This game needs some type of Bandit, Raider system.
Similar to DayZ but more noticeable. Killing on site will become less of an occurrence do to knowing if that person is dangerous or not.