Current Black Mesa HUD for Garry's Mod

The title says it all,can anyone make it or can you give me a link if there’s already a Black Mesa HUD for Garry’s Mod.

(like in this video


Open the game files, copy the HUD code and images then paste it in Gmod.
It’s quick and simple! :smug:

Thank you for explaining how to do but i don’t have the game,soooo :D?

Won’t work like that, garrysmod doesn’t allow the HUD Resource . RES files to be modified, you’ll have to write a HUD in lua.

You should pay for a game before copying files from it anyways, even if this won’t work. You’ll have to commission somebody to write it in Lua for you.

Thank you for the information.I said my request to someone now i’m waiting for a response.