Current damage mechanics still need fixing

The facemask now has durability which is a decent attempt at trying to balance it…but it’s just not the right answer.

Can we just have consistent damage for once? The facemask blocking damage where the bullet actually hits is a good concept. But we just need normal headshot damage.

You can shoot a guy in the head and get 1-2 body shots and he still doesnt die and then 180 kills you in 1 hit somehow. This kind of thing happens far too often and it’s because the facemask is way too OP.

Headshot should just be a straight up 85 damage or something maybe not a 1 hit kill for balance but there should never be a situation where the facemask blocks ur headshot and only does a minor 10-20 damage…it’s silly.

No comment on your suggestions, but inconsistecy in damage was always the most frustrating thing.

I can understand a 1 in 100 chance, but situations come up far too often where someone can soak up multiple headshots then kill you instantly in one while facing them head on, purely out of dumb luck.

i have seen this a lot

in situation a head to head

and a arrow to the head from acrossbow while wearing a metal face mask and having a full health and instant death

so that face mask is not always any help

Today i hitted someone with an Ak like this (Headshot / Headshot / Torso - 4secs no time to heal. ) he dropped.
Later i headshoted a full equiped guy with a crossbow which instantly killed him.

and for some reason Nakeds are able to survive ak headshots which shouldnt be a thing.

Just Scale the ak headshot damage a bit up and everythings should be fine.

aks are already strong enough, their damage doesnt need upscaling. it must have been an unlucky deflection headshot or some shit.
they just need to bring back a consistent damage model with rewarding headshots… I liked the kevlar concept :frowning:

They are strong but i dont understand why the 50 HQM AK is not able to 1 shot headshot nakeds. They do survive a lot of times which is something i dont get.

Everyone is at varying health levels, I think that is the biggest reason some people seem like they take forever to die. Its not that they are too strong, its that many people don’t maintain themselves and they die quickly, which creates the illusion that some people are too strong.

Youre not about what im. I tested this on a private server.

the Crossbow will always 1 shot headshot if it hits an covered spots of youre head.
That means a naked player will always die to an crossbow headshot even at full life.

While the AK which costs 50 HQM was not able to 1 shot headshot uncovered headparts.
And nakeds are able to survive Headshots.

In my oppinion the AK, Bolt and the Crossbow should deal 1 shots on (Naked Heads)

Sure, varying health levels happen, but in only a fraction of fights, A large portion of people aren’t dumb enough to leave their house wearing a facemask without having 100 health to fight with. And ontop of that, if you do, they have 5-8 syringes and they can easily just get back to 100 health. But I’ve made many many many threads talking about how we should bring back legacy resistance, which would cause a consistent damage for headshots and body shots. Counterstrike for example is 33 damage to the chest for an AK, which is why you’ll constantly do 97-102 in 3 to a person. that range is really solid, and thats what’d i’d expect from my AK. But in this game, Idk what the fuck to expect.

imo the bolt should always oneshot to the face… and the AK should always deal a minimum of 50-55 damage to the head… neither are the case with stupid facemasks