Current Rust Modded Servers-my preferences

So, heres a non tech view on what I like, and don’t like. Be pleased to hear what you think and why.

  1. Admins must be online most of the time to boot hackers
  2. 1/2 craft times (so things get made quicker)
  3. Double Durability times (so things last longer)
  4. 2 air drops in real time 24hrs, randomly generated (But make them good ones re c4, but keep explosives very rare)
  5. Day/night cycle stays natural and isn’t player adjusted by demand
  6. Absolutely no teleporting stuff going on for players
  7. Fall damage simply must exist
  8. Absolutely no Eco mod
  9. Do not run Oxide, Essentials or similar for players to see and use, so deaths and comms between players is not public or available via this method (sorry I have no idea of the reality of this in terms of server set up/management for admins etc.)
  10. Make box spawns 3 times rarer, but better than standard loot inc c4
  11. Make red animals loot more limited to encourage visits to box spawn areas
  12. Max server players 50
  13. Agree a start date and stick to it, run each game for 3 months max.
  14. Admins to ensure lag is minimal, I think regular restarts seem to help, as does removing unusual stuff, like 500 fires in a field…
  15. Set decay to 3 times the standard time now, so things last longer
  16. Admins can’t ‘play’ their own servers, if the server is public
  17. Make Blueprints 3 times as rare as they are on standard mode
  18. Make resource nodes 3 times as rare as they are now (to slow building down)
  19. Make remove feature available, but at 4 times the time to craft and you lose the materials
  20. No team feature in terms of damage, i.e anyone shot by anyone gets hurt
  21. No starter kits at all
  22. must have sleepers on
  23. whatever I forgot…

Just putting my ideas out there for comment, I’m relatively new to Rust and appreciate your comments back.

Whats your ideal Modded server config like?

I like most of what you said . I just don’t get why an Admin wouldn’t be able to play his own server, since he is paying for it.

My ideal server is not modded whatsoever. I like the vanilla experience. Some mods are just too extreme, like the economy mod and the remove tool… I hate those things.

As for admins playing on a server… ehhhhh I think it depends on the admin and the population that’s on the server. People are so quick to assume admin abuse that it’s usually not worth trying to play as an admin.

I found an easy balance, I didn’t play often but I would tell all the players when I was going to start actually playing and when I’d go back into “admin mode”. Also I never grouped up with anyone. As an admin I definitely think one should not join a group with other players on the server… that’s fishy.

Will chuck in this as I don’t see a great deal of mention about the need for server wipes…I must say, with regards to the 3 month run time, the last run we had was around 2 months, at the start of which I decided to not wipe until the next major update.

Cut forward to 2 months of no wipes, while decay was working at its usual rate on buildings, I found the amount of userdata stored in the server from a large amount of unique players passing through in those 2 months was enough to destabilise the server quite a bit. The main symptoms were excessive lag, lots of drop outs and glitchyness in game etc, not to mention a marked increase in the time it took to restart the server and doing procedural backups/saves. This led us to wipe quite unexpectedly one afternoon as it got to be game breaking. I could only imagine what this would be like on a server with consistently high pop going for that amount of time without a wipe.

After we did a full wipe server was back to its old self. other than those problems, without the need to wipe for an update, I would have been happy to let it keep going!

I’d genuinely be interested in hearing other admins and players opinions on this also, or experiences going long periods without wiping?

I do see your point, but if they play they have more opportunity to abuse their position etc.

How can they play fairly and admin the server with all the user help thats required etc.

They ‘know’ things…LOL

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Sorry no admin experience, although I do aim to have my own server up in the next couple of months, part of the reason for my post I guess.

But from a players perspective I have left servers, very quickly that I otherwise wouldn’t have because of lag.

Im not sure of the admin workload but if a base has been raided, is in decay and not active at all for a few days then just remove it? (This also frees up the position for active players to build etc)

I have witnessed, several times simple restarts that have been effective at reducing lag, so regular re-starts seem appropriate.

I also feel the next wipe date needs to be set, with the start date. And not moved, again I have left servers who’s admins just decide to do things (of course its their right to do what the hell they want).

For me knowing I have 1,2 or 3 months of gameplay on a server allows me to play the game I would like to try and play.

Also with my suggested mod’s I think the gameplay should slow, significantly leading to a better early, mid and end game experience for all.

Perhaps another server ‘rule’ could be max of 4 people in a team, granted policing/managing that would be problematic but this again would seem to be a real winner for what I would like to see on a Rust Server.

Sounds like you’d like my server… We don’t match all the points but the general idea is about the same. Admins do play on the server but we do so legit and check each other with no tolerance for any abuse. We’re all 30 year old+ admins, not kids. We’ve been up for months, you can ask our population about our legitimacy.

Not gonna give info on it cause it’s not allowed here, but look at threads I started and you’ll find it. Lots of info in the thread is outdated though (the board won’t allow me to edit it for some reason), but server IP is still good.

Yes, regular restarts of the server did become a necessity, and did help in the immediate short term and even with performing regular patrols around the map and bulk removing bases of players I knew had quit the server, these only gave us a small improvement.

The main issue was the amount of saved player data, i.e. every player that came through the server in that 2 months is saved in individual folders. what they had harvested, where they were, all that data stored. there were about 350 odd folders clogging up the data directory which had to be saved, backed up, queried etc. It really added to the instability, but in the end, the players were aware of all of this and I let them understand that they could continue to play as is or we could wipe. in the end, it was their choice to wipe to start fresh. with the build kits we added it didn’t take long for them to rebuild

Ok this is very useful, so saved player data causes a real problem. Can you simply elect to remove said data after a period of inactivity, and in game message this regular to ensure everyone knows?

Is that possible? Is it lots of admin work?

First, you’d have to be able to keep track of inactivity. Second, you’d need to match a player in-game with their folder full of crap inside the big playerdata folder. I’m not a server owner, so I don’t know what this looks like or how players are represented, but I imagine you’d be looking at their 64bit-encoded Steam ID, which are the 17-digit numbers you see in Steamcommunity profile links.

Then, you’d have to bring the server down and delete the player’s data, wiping just that player off the server.

Just wiping the entire server and making sure people are aware of it seems like a much simpler and less time-intensive task to me unless a way to automate the inactive-list-making and inactivity deletion gets cobbled together.

I really believe that the saved player data was the cause. Going around and removing 80% of the buildings had almost no effect, the only data really that was left was the player data. as soon as it was deleted and the world wiped, server was back up running heaps better.

I reckon you can manually clean it up mate. I thought about it but as the folders are saved as the steam ID number, you’d need to ID what each number is against the player numbers then manually delete them. I looked at all 300 of them and cringed at the thought. so yes possible but would be alot of work depending on how many player you have pass through your server.

Ok great, this helps me, I’m very keen to state a start and wipe date and give it 1 month gameplay, whatever happens.

If I can manage that re the backend data I think it gives the server great credibility for strange people like me that think stuff like this is important!

admin playing is a very bad idea, that said there are no rust servers running on more than a 10-14 day wipe cycle that dont experience massive lag, has nothing to do with servers its a rust issue. anyone advertising month+ wipes and no lag is full of shit and should be a red flag for you to not play there

would limiting the number of players to say 25 help with this?

It would take longer for the player data to build up but the server stores player data even just for players that logged in for 5 minutes and then never came back.

You could only have a 25-slot server but have 500 different sets of player data clogging up the works.

Right understood, so in theory if the server is attractive, run well and decent then you could find 25 regulars to keep passers by off, fairly well and thus keep the players logs down that way?

i.e committed players, no/few slots for visitors.

Well a server that only has 25 slots is not going to be “attractive” to most people. At least not for long.

You’re better off just tracking which players are regulars and which ones logged in once and never came back, like Elix said. Just clean out the playerdata that you don’t need as you go. It’s tedious but wouldn’t be horrible. You could probably script a solution to do most of it automatically.

I initialy announced wipes well in advance but stopped. why? untill you get a regular, loyal player base you might find that announcing when the wipe is will make it harder for you to retain players. Reasoning is the closer you get to the wipe date, people will not bother playing as they wont want to keep investing time if they know there is a wipe coming in x days. Same with blow ins - if they see an announcement indicating there’s a wipe coming in x days they will just move on if its getting close to the date.

The best balance I found was not announce when until you start to feel that one is required. when you get to that point announce but also give plenty of lead time. you will have some players move on or quit until the wipe, etc but not as much. I always did that and gave the players choice of full or world only wipe (if a full wipe wasnt required). In many cases they appreciated the notice and the choice, and also often when notified voted to wipe early rather than waiting via the steam group.

At the end of the day the players will appreciate it more if you include them in the decision making process, makes it much easier

I appreciate the input re attracting players etc, but this will not be a problem as I have over a dozen committed already etc.

I am looking for a narrow market, but it exists etc, for me/us the benefits out way the drawbacks etc.

Thanks for the useful responses thus far, please keep them coming.

I do agree with your opinion that admins cant really play the normal game like all the other players, though thats my personal opinion. maybe some make it work well enough for balance, I never really bothered, after becoming admin I got over playing for the time being, and I see too many snots calling admin abuse in the forums for petty things I wouldn’t constitute as admin abuse. doesn’t seem worth the hassle for me… I quite enjoy building the town safe zone and my own base, and just chatting to people while doing the admin thing, lending building advice and stuff like that. That in itself becomes a fun feature of the game.

Either way the owner or admin of the server should have fun also, but also make sure everyone is on a level playing feild, no spawns or favourites, shit like that