Current Spacebuild 3/Lifesupport 3 Download?

Hello everyone, just trying to find SB3 and LS3, not an easy find as it turns out. There are links everywhere and I don’t know which one is currently the most updated for both. So I figured I may as well ask my fellow Facepunch users in the hope that someone actually knows.



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Wait never mind, I tried it out and it used a bunch of spacebuild models, and it used a strange system of resource nodes that I didn’t understand.

The version I’m looking for is where everything uses half-life 2 props, resources are connected simply through pumps, which use the plug model. Everything was more simple, plus this new spacebuild spams me with Lua errors…

I would really appreciate a reply instead of everyone ignoring me for some reason…

That’s #2 then…
And it would help if you were in the right section.