Current state of rust and current problems.

First of all rust is still in an early state of development and I hope that the developers will set their priorities right to fix known issues before adding new content. Currently rust is infested with hacks and from my point of view it should be the first priority dealing with that. Rust is in a closed development state and still there are many hackers active. Additionally every time I check the current online players number it keeps on dropping. The hacker problem will get worse if nothing is done in the current closed state the game is in.


Many of you will have seen people flying to the sky, running to layers of your metal doors without collision, speeding around you as if they were a race car and shooting you or a person besides you with 5 shots at once. People like this ruin the game. Most of the time people are not able to meet the applied standards to ban theses people because the range in which you see their name is way to low or because people are not able to record them.

Additionally there is a way to long responding time to ban people even with proof or ban/suspend people for spamming (e.g. some player spread a site with hacks for rust and spammed for more then 8 hours before anything happened).


As long as there is no “programmable” way to keep the number hackers/spammers from ruining the game there could be more “mods / GM” who help players and devs getting rid of hackers/spammers.

Regarding myself I will pause playing rust for as long as I need to. I loved the game but it feels like a waste of time if hackers run through your impenetrable 40+ metal door fortress and steal/destroy everything you worked for without destroying a single layer of defence or speedhack around you to kill you and so on and so on…

-currently only really cheatengine. no one has really actually made any special hacks for this game.
aka speedhacking
-other one is N-stepping. they can unplug router, run around do what ever (kill etc) and plug back in, it all updates and whala… teleport, kill, or walk thru doors (rendered as open)

as for a solution?
as my buds saying, they are not fixing right now because the data will be moved server side when they release, rendering this shit useless.

as a shortfix? have the server ping you every second. if you DC and cant ping back 2x in a row (2 seconds) then kick from server.

Stop bitching at least you get to play

The game cannot be tested effectively with so many morons using these basic hack tools to circumvent the basic mechanics of the game thus I believe it should be addressed. Im with Xantis and think ill be on less and less as its currently a time waste to build anything ingame or even PVP. Of course I love Rust and will be back on full time as soon as the problem is rectified.

Good news is these basic cheat tools can be easily detected and addressed server side.

I just stated current problems and I will go ahead and post your problem:

Grow up and get some manners ! This thread is not for key begging ****. No one cares if you do not have a key…

A game can only really be tested if there is some control over certain conditions that the testing takes place.

Hacking fucks up those guidelines ENTIRELY, and hinders the process. If testing is to go smoothly as planned the rough edges (hackers) need to be removed, although it is easier said than done and I am clueless as to what the devs wish to actually go about the issue.

Hacking is also part of testing, testing the game to break it, its our job to prevent that so we can enjoy it when it releases.

If it would be true people would not be banned for hacking. Hacking has no sense and can not be excused.

There is a difference between showing flaws and abusing them after they are already known.

Hacking that could be usefull and REPORTING THEM: Finding dupes. Finding glitched terrain, walls, doors etc etc

Pathetic kiddy hacks that are useless to the DEVs: Using a tool like cheat engine to abuse game mechanics.

There is no excuse for this type of hacking, its just sad fat kiddies making themselves feel good about their existance.

get into teamspeak xant! need 2 talk!

Thats what ya get from giving keys to random derps instead of actually inviting beta-testers.

Finding said bugs & exploits is part of testing, re-using them over & over again is being a derp !

There is no point of complaining about hacks, the game is only in pre-alpha - do you even know how early that is? It took more than a year for Rocket to stabilize hackers in DayZ, and there is still a shit tonne of them left. Just wait for the game to develop first.

Good for you if you like to play with hackers. I do not.

If you do not complain, no matter the stage of a game, we will get to the CoD standart. “We can’t beat it so we won’t even try”…