Current Theme: Art!

The new theme is Art!

Yes art, the one creative expression that has no rules. So many genres, so many crazy things you can do. Unfortunately, if you are a person who isn’t particularly creative, this may not be the contest for you.

For the record, I planned on doing this regardless of the poll results. I thought I’d give you guys a break from strict themes. It was pretty funny to see reactions to the options. I’m not that lame. (Okay maybe sometimes. :v:)

This thread is for theme discussion so we can keep the theme and rules discussion separate. This is what was done in the original contests and I like this better because this keeps theme complaints out of the rules thread and vice-versa. All questions related to the theme must be asked in here, and not the rules thread! Ask questions about the rules in the rules thread! Please read the rules now if you haven’t already.





Contest Judges:


As always, you need to stick to this theme when making your gamemode. Be creative!
Read The Rules Thread before starting.

P.S. You can all suggest future contest themes/twists here!

Define Art

You define it. Art is a broad topic, which is why I chose it. I felt that a change-of-pace was in order.

This should be interesting.


I can think of one kind of GM:

One big white room. People play as blobs of paint (melon model) each with a paintbrush (shotgun). The objective is to kill as many other blobs while spreading their colorful blood on the walls. Winner decided via most kills most likely.

Sounds artsy enough.

I was thinking painting by numbers and sky diving. You get a color, you choose a drop zone, you go. Miss and lose points, hit and earn points.

This is what I mean by creativity. These guys have the right idea!

Does it have to be specifically for this contest or can I revive an old gamemode? I’ll end up rewriting most, if not all of it, but I want to use the idea at least. It’s sort of arty…

Would be best if it were for the contest, since the point of the gamemode contests is to introduce more new gamemodes to the community.

Wait no. The rules stated specifically that you must start fresh.


[quote=“grea$emonkey, post:1, topic:4496”]

[li]Starting before the contest start date is not allowed.[/li][/QUOTE]

Damn… I already had some concepts thought out for both sexuality and drugs. Now I need to merge them… headcrabs throwing drug-paint.

Holy crap.
I was making an artistic map for my gamemode just as you posted this.
I might enter the contest later.

Paintball HERE I COME!


Also, a twist would make it more fun, e.g. no weapons or something.

I love you <3

Thank god we don’t have to see any gamemodes based on sex posing or drug dealing… aside from darkRP and general gmod.

I’m going to make an gamemode where you pretend to be an art critic and look at various automatically generated piles of shit and then have to write a review of it, with a ranking system judging you on how many bullshit words you use. :3:

Can you make the weapon colored versions of the acid antlion spit instead of a shotgun?
Then the blobs of paint would kill eachother by flinging paint at eachother.

Fair enough, back to the drawing board :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be a judge again, If you so wish.

This is the exact kinda hard-ball that themes were meant to do in the original contests. Throw off early-developers, which I can see many people attempted to do. This will be good for me to know in the future.