Current version of spacebuild?

Hy, i was wondering what the current full version of spacebuild the includes all the models all the working weapons and entities and everything from the past packs.

Current version of Spacebuild is 3, you can get it at

but thats the gamemode, i want the full pack

That’s not only the gamemode, the link Neotic posted contains Life Support and Resource Distribution (along with their models) and some optional addons like mining or Gas and Petrol systems.

i currently have spacebuild model pack, SBMP alpha 2, and alpha 3, but i dont have the guns, or entiies, or vehicles.

SpaceBuild Enhancement Project Official Thread V8 :

delete SBMP and install that, it has all the spacebuild models, Sents, stools and vehicles (technically sents but W/E)

Neotic to the rescue…

ok ill try that out but since i just updated tortoisSVN i cant use it until iv restarted, so ill try this later