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hi i am sorry if this doesn’t go here but i wanted to show it, it is a zombie survival map C&C pls there is no annoying vents so wh00py although i might add a secret 1 :slight_smile: btw this is my FIRST EVER map so please don’t be to harsh

this is the ariel view there is a floor underneath that carpet btw

Any in-game pictures?

This is terrible


Light sources (prop_static)

Make the light a bit more detailed (light_spot)


Broke mah automerge :argh:

Don’t use carpet for use of both floor and roof, use dev textures if you havn’t got to texturing it properly yet(search for measure in the material browser)

Would have said go to the WIP thread, but never mind. Stay out of there as well.

i am working on that


and that isn’t the roof… its another floor


did you have to be so evil you could have told me what me help me get better

Its a good first start. Only thing i can tell you is not to use carpet textures on the ceiling. Filter ceiling in the hammer editor and use one made for ceilings.

pff ill just scrap that map seeing as richardson thinks it is so terrible

You shouldn’t listen to everyone

He’s just telling it how it is.
Little tip, don’t bother showing us unless the area you’re showing is near-perfect. Some other things we don’t care about:

  • People who can’t take criticism
  • People who can’t figure things out by themselves or at least try to, before posting up threads asking how to do it.
  • Fullbright maps
  • In-hammer shots
  • "first ever map"s
  • People who show us crap and blame it on A) Being a new mapper or B) The fact it’s a WIP.
    I suggest scrapping this map or at least putting it on hold until you know how to use textures properly and have looked at some of the more professional maps to see how they do it.

Time for some actual map crit:

Screenshot 1:

  • Blocky
  • Mis-Aligned textures
  • Bad choice of textures.
  • Obviously off-grid brushes.

Screenshot 2:

  • Blocky.
  • The lights are black and are placed seemingly at random across the floor. I doubt they’ll even work when they’re compiled. If they do you’ll get massive light-burn on the flooring.
  • Mis-aligned textures
  • Bad choice of textures
  • Same texture for the floor as the ceiling.

okay thankyou but he gave no criticism that is the point criticising is telling them how to improve

I would recommend you start with a definitive layout. Maps that are haphazardly put together tend to feel messy and confused. Also, you seem to have placed a large number of what appear to be lights throughout the rooms. Why is this? You also might want to use more appropriate textures for the ceiling.

Dude since it’s another floor, use the texture application and select the ceiling and make that a different texture.

Why are there light entities so close to the ground?

This, and why are they black?

not sure i accidentaly pressed a button xD what does it matter tho

O_O That’s sexy. You should be mapper for GMT or something cool like that.

Try learning the basics. Maybe the Dev Wiki? (You’ll never get positive comments if you don’t.)