Curs3 No hackers server community

Just telling no one to visit this server because of the following reasons.

Owners a faggot and his admins have nothing better to do but recruit people into they’re base then trap them in it just to Try and take all they’re loot.
You will get banned after the fact if you say anything about it…
The servers filled with A bunch of retards Consulting

Bayley aka ingame name BARS
And a lot of other retards…

I got banned because they thought i was a “Hacker”
So i showed them this picture photoshop ofc of me having so called “hacks”
Pretty funny how they believed it…
But I reccomend no one to Join this server
I never play rust But mrcarrot asked me to idk guess it was a way to piss me off? But I did and it was pretty funny up until i got banned.
Then i trolled them in the TS told them What i do and grabbed 1 kids ip because he pissed me off so much…
Had no Bots online at the time so couldn’t host boot him :frowning:
just wanna protect u guys from this abusive server.
the admin also quotes.

“I put the wall there but im not gonna get you out that would be admin abuse” WoW thats dumb af

“just wanna protect u guys from this abusive server.”

Talks about IP grabbing and ddosing just because of what happened on a game, you must have problems…

I never host booted him? just grabbed it

Not defending the server but damn son you have some issues.
Does banning you from my server render me a retarded faggot?
Just play somewhere else.

because you had no bot servers online … do you even realize what a douche bag you sound like? Wow talk trash about the admins on this server while admitting your just as big a douche bag as they are… oh and I am so leaning towards you not photoshopping a photo but showing them an actual photo of the cheats you use and now your worried that will come out so you are doing damage control early … bravo

Yeah, its what i was thinking too, convincing story otherwise.