Curs3 Rust [No Hacks][Noob Friendly][PvP]

Server Name: Curs3 Rust [No Hacks][Noob Friendly][PvP]
IP Address:
Server Mods: Oxide, Share Doors
Share Doors is a mod which allows friends to access your doors if you type the simple command /share “Player Name”
Server Administrators: Hykerakc, Dzk99, Tweeday
We have Sleepers
Airdrops at 15 Players
50 slot Server (Will become larger if needed)
50% Crafting Times
Public Steam Group: Curs3Rust
Hosted: Seattle
We greatly appreciate everyone who joins our server!
Play Rust!

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Join da server :smiley: go into the console Key F1 and type net.connect