Curse gmod!

gmod and all its addons are lagging my PC. its an awesome game and im not about to stop playing it but just look at what it has done to my desktop :stuck_out_tongue:

heres my desktop before i got gmod:

and here is after:

see the difference? all theese addons are making my computer lag so much. i wish someone would make a program like ingame somftware or something that was so that when you went into the program it would list a bunch of addons and you could just select one and it would automaticly download it like RTB did when i played blockland a year or so ago :stuck_out_tongue: that would make my life so much easier id probobly do backflips if i could ;D

thats not gmod’s fault. you kept the ZIP and other crap on your desktop, and obviously dont file manage. also, threads like this have gotten people banned before, i believe.

im not pissed or anything. im not raging or flaming. im merley pointing out what gmod has done to my system and i keep the zips incase a mod breaks and i gotta redownload it :stuck_out_tongue: also i would file manage but you dont know how much stuff is on my hard drive @.@

I have a really shitty PC and at least 45GB of downloaded stuff, and my PC is still the same.

One of the things you downloaded probably had a present within it.
By present I mean virus or something like that.

Gmod does NOT affect your computer’s perfomance.

Gmod switched to Windows 7?

Awesome, when will mine do that?

Learn to keep your downloads in a folder rather than the desktop. I see no lag whatsoever.

Try making a single folder and add all the extra compressed .zip folders you’ve downloaded (not installed) to the new folder, then rename the folder Gmod download’s or whatever you prefer to name it.

And if you feel that folder getting to big just store it on a device with removable storage like an external hard drive. i got a MyBook 500GB external Hard Drive for somwhere around $100 i think, and whenever i think i need space on my computer i just put some extra stuff i don’t need in there.

So you are saying Gmod switched Your desktop image, Your screen resolution and your Operating system?

Wow i cant wait for MY gmod to do that

wow you are a fucking retard

you are blaming gmod for your inability to create a folder to save all your pointless, shitty addons in?

go fap to your narutos you weaboo dumbshit

this is my folder from months ago

had gmod for years how is this hard

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Benji))

Lol, ghost, that was a bit harsh. Also, you were up late then :wink:

So, what was stopping you from putting them in folders ??? lol

Well, delete all the shit from your desktop?

It’s not GMod’s fault you can’t file manage. :colbert:

its likly she hasn’t seen the reply’s or is busy with other task’s, no need to be impatient about waiting for reply’s

first off im a HE xD but no offence taken. common mistake on the internet isnt it? second, i posted this thread around midnight last night and then didnt check this morning before school so thats why i havnt seen any yet. also, gmod did NOT change my OS however how the heck you guys would tell that my OS was different in the 2 pics (?) is beyond me. i am NOT blaming gmod im merley pointing out how much addons and stuff people like me download for gmod and how fast ones desktop can get cluttered from it if they dont file manage. which i even created a whole new library called gmod downloads but moving everything there (i dont even know where half of them are anymore xD) is another story. and the background image changed because i felt like changing them, but even still, how much stuff was on my desktop before and after i switched to windows 7 and before i got gmod is not a big difference :stuck_out_tongue:


screen res changed because a few days ago is when i first realised that o had my setting set way lower than my PC’s 16" screen could handle :stuck_out_tongue:

you still lack the inability to select folders and press the Delete Key!!! its not that hard.

So basically tldr; I can’t organize a simple desktop properly?

I don’t really see how this could be an issue. If you’re having such trouble cleaning your desktop/organizing/installing, then just back up your essential files, clean install your OS, re-download your games, and then properly install addons & organize them. I’ve had Gmod for at least 2 years, and something like this has never happened.

slaps palm in face its in garrysmod discussion for a reason, this is just freindly conversation and an exchange of a good laugh or two.

And sorry for the gender confusion. usually when i see a person’s avatar i tend to conjur up the character’s voice in my head to read a thread. (in this case it was Kairi)

Yeah its knida stupid…

Heck why do you think i picked this guy?

My current desktop. All it takes is a little effort, and even if it seems like a pain in the ass, it’s better than a clusterfuck of files sitting around.


Plus it looks like you installed more applications other than Gmod and left the installers on the desktop.

only a couple :stuck_out_tongue: also, @onewingedangel its alright. sometimes i do the same. and really i just chose kairi for my avatar cause in my mind kairi is many things. the main of which is; hot.