Cursor for Zombie Survival

Okay, so I have posted this on Reddit and was only told that F3 makes the cursor show/hide. The problem is that my server is running Zombie Survival, which means that F3 is used to access a menu. I want to get the cursor to show by using a key that is not already in use, like F6 or maybe some other key you guys can recommend.

I have tried this code:
“hook.Add( “Think”, “BM_Clients_Key”, function() gui.EnableScreenClicker( input.WasKeyPressed( KEY_F6 ) ) end )”

No luck there. I tried to place it in the lua/autorun/client, but that might also be wrong. Help is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure alt already does this

Yes an no. It does bring up the cursor, but also a menu. I don’t want it to do that. I want a key that stands for itself to only show the cursor.

This is where I looked, making it able for me to put together the code I displayed in the post. However, it did not work.

Because it’ll be enabled for one frame, then disabled the way you have it coded, if the WasPressed worked. Also, WasPressed doesn’t seem to always work in all hooks it seems.

Try something like this, except it could be done more efficiently in PlayerBindPress [ also, this requires a PANEL to be opened of a specific variable ]

Old dev code:[lua]//
// Toggle Mouse for Dev-Tools / Configurators - Josh ‘Acecool’ Moser
local ScreenClickerEnabled = false;
local LastAdminToggle = 0;
hook.Add( “Think”, “ClientDeveloperConfiguratorKeyPressMonitoring”, function( )
if ( GAMEMODE.DeveloperConfiguratorPanel && GAMEMODE.DeveloperConfiguratorPanel:IsVisible( ) ) then
if ( input.IsKeyDown( KEY_LALT ) && CurTime( ) - LastAdminToggle > 0.5 ) then
LastAdminToggle = CurTime( )
ScreenClickerEnabled = !ScreenClickerEnabled;
if ( ScreenClickerEnabled ) then
RestoreCursorPosition( );
RememberCursorPosition( );
gui.EnableScreenClicker( ScreenClickerEnabled )
end );[/lua]