curve bullet swep?

is there a swep like in wanted where you can hold down trigger and youd havea curve trajectory of the bulets path? maybe if you right click youd have a see npcs and players through walls thing so you can aim? thatd be leet.
also, is there a bullet cam sorta thing? fire a bullet and the cam follows the bullet in RLY slo mo to the target?

No, stop with all of these horrible swep suggestions that are in the wrong section.

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To answer your question no, and I don’t think it’s possible or worth the time and effort. Yes it would be cool, no it would not be practical or easy to code. That’s just my opinion though. Someone will probably make it eventually with crappy coding and will have a lot of errors (Probably me).

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Hmm, this requires a bullet entity that collides with stuff and do damage to it, thats easy but making it fly in special ways, maybe something with sine and cosine like making a oval.