Curved tunnels... Boring...


I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to make curved tunnels (90 degrees) interesting? I mean I have put one in to deviate from a bunkers standard right angle but I just cant think of anything which will add interest. Like I mentioned, it’s a buker I am making so I’m fairly limited and I dont fancy placing barrels here and there. Any sugestions?

A full popadom to the person with the best solution!

Maybe add some supports and such to it. Decals also help make things less boring, and can either make or break a map. Would you be able to post a screen of the tunnel so we can see it?

Well depending on what kind of tunnel it is you could try adding pipes or cables.

Where is the tunnel coming from/leading to? Put relavent signage, equipment, etc.

Not that interesting realy. The curve ends on a 90 degree and is prety much how you see it here. I think my problem is that there are no curved props which fit so I will have to add my own. I’m just at a complete loss. The corridor its self leads from the cargo lift to the old plant room and forms the bulk of the abandoned section of the bunker.

Make a shelf that’s cut into the curve with a fluorescent light and put some tools or a radio or something in it.

A lá this:

Obviously I can’t do paintovers worth shit, but doesn’t the light draw your eye to it? With a light, you can draw the player down the hallway in the same way. And make sure it’s a white light, the rest of your lighting (what little I can see in this screen) is very green.

Hmm, good idea. So a shelf with things on it and a light. I’ll try a curved shelf and a white light and see how it goes. Thanks for the suggestion.

You could make a dug-out tunnel using displacements. Like a tunnel carved in rock with a gravel floor.

It would probably be a bit of a re-design, but if youre really at a loss sometimes you ahve to go back to the drawing board.

Thanks for the idea but I’m not sure it will fit. I may try a pipe/shelf combo first.

Singing pipes.

Add a window to a train station.


Buttresses, support beams, pipes or cables running along the walls, water dripping from them into a puddle, drains, cracks in the walls with exposed rebar

I really like the architecture you have going, but I think the lighting is not doing anything to complement it- it looks like its underwater. I’d say put multiple light sources and colours to bring out and show the depth of the tunnel.

I know I am late to the punch, but after seeing Cwook’s paintover I just had to try my hand at it.

I went with a desaturated blue light (Florescent) for the curved part of the hall way to try to get a “Mysterious” or “Dread” feeling from it since you can’t see where it goes. The light source would be over the door. The pipes help pull the two rooms together; I added a reflective property to the pipes to try to mimic what phong would look like. The reflective glow off the pipes would show the edge of the curved tunnel and draw the eye to the unlit end of it.
The warm orange/yellowish light from the off screen light would help keep the two rooms from looking like the same as well make it feel like this is the “Safe spot”. I threw in the electrical meter box on the wall to cut the light and make a shadow on the wall to produce more visual noise and contrast. The shadow would also help create a common ground between the two rooms.

I would also agree with Furioso; Exposed rebar and cables would definitely add a lot. I’d set up a env_shake on a timer to shake the cables and keep the environment somewhat lively.

Can’t wait to see what you do.

That’s amazing Phone-Booth, I seriously can’t believe the effort you went for on that. The lighting contrast looks perfect and I like the idea of the curving pipes. Now, I was a bit worried about trying that initialy and It’s kind of the reason I initialy posted but having seen them in you excelent paintover I’m goint to give it a try.

Honestly can’t thank you enough for this and to everyone else really. Should stop being lazy and get on with it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

So even with shadows disabled, the pipe model is casting odd shadows. Still, early days with this so I expect impovements… Or EXTERMINATION!

I’d go with pipes and wires. May seem like a cheap level-design trick, but it’s realistic and looks good in my opinion. And some lights on the wall as well, even if they are turned off. I’d also continue the vent you have going in over the doorway :v:





The downside is that you would have to use brushes unless you know how to do models.

That’s great thanks. You know, I have quite a few of these types of shots and they generaly run in a straight line and I think thats the problems. My source material is lacking in the corners department. Anyway, I’m going to combine all of these suggestions after a brief hiatus that is… I have just started playing Dark Souls, so I’m having a quick break :slight_smile:

Shit idea. Could just make a window to a nuclear power plant. Or Auschwitz.

This is gold!!! Mapping GOLD! What about a window onto someones eye? It would be just like Inner Space. I think we have established that Tw34k has some pretty poor ideas, despite his avatar being a dog with a pipe.