Curving Arches Tutorial

Ever wondered how to make those damned curving arches from the silos in Episode 2? (The menu map once you’ve finished the game).

Imgur Album, follows tutorial:

  1. Make yourself a 90 degree - 256x256 arch with a 32 wall width and 6 sides.
  2. Rotate it until it’s a wall and a ceiling relatively and double its length.
  3. Duplicate the arch and in the top view Rotate one of the arches x degrees (default is 15, holding alt makes it 0.5) and the other one -x degrees.
  4. (In top view) Using the vertex manipulation tool, grab all the vertices of one of the arches and snap the topmost vertex onto the grid by dragging and dropping it. Do the same with the other arch, snapping the topmost vertex of that one onto the other’s topmost vertex by dragging and dropping it.
  5. Clip down the center.
  6. Remove scraps.
  7. Rinse and repeat.
  8. Do this process whatever angles you want, just make sure they add up to 90 to easily conform to your usual grid.

Also, if you want to add ceiling or wall that’s not part of the arch, just rotate the kindred arches until the edge you want to clip the ceiling along is 0 or 45 degrees relative to the grid and has one of its vertices on the grid.

My first tutorial, thoughts?

Pictures would help. Most new mappers would be really confused. Try going into a bit more detail too.

Or you could create a torus, clip it into quarters, then delete all but 1/4 of the cross section of the curved arch.

Goldurnit, I could’ve sworn I’d had it figured out.

I couldn’t find other tutorials on this matter and had always thought that torus tool was useless, thanks!

It’s still good to know my method when making non-circular curving arches though, making rounded squares and such so that entrances and exits are easier to form.

I mean, it took me a while to figure out that relative clip.

Won’t this create a lot of vertecies that are off-grid?

I guess if you don’t want to be on grid but okay.

Every brush the torus primitive makes is on grid.

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*Every vertices, I should say.

You can get some crazy creative stuff going with this method though. When you want to adhere to the grid again you can just make one of the exits of your arched area is aligned with the grid, copy that exit and rotate the arched area until it is at the same angle as the arched area with the exit you just made. Then you can just put that arch-exit you copied in place in place of the other part of the arched area, clip the scraps and save yourself perhaps a bunch of work. I have now freed you from the confines of working with grid-locked vertices, you may now work in relative vertices.

I was just trying to come up with a method for making those arched areas and this is the method I came up with, it’ll probably help some people who have tunnel vision, I kind of did when coming up with it. :v:

isn’t it much simpler to just use the torus?

Well, assuming you make all of the dimensions to a power of 2, and they’re reasonable. If you make a torus like 64 blocks across with walls 16 units thick it’s probably not going to be all on grid.

If you make it like 2048 blocks across with walls 16 units thick it’ll probably work quite well.