Custom 1187 Vortigaunt Model Enhancement

Now I know that most people here thought the mod 1187 was rather mediocre, but I did find one cool thing out of it after playing it: an “enhanced” version of a Vortigaunt with blue armor and black skin.

Ingame screenshot:

GMod screenshot:

Scene from 1187 in which the character appears (WARNING: Lighting is poor, so the model isn’t easy to see. I’m posting this just so people know when it appeared, as it was during the endgame that I don’t think many people saw)

I’ve since taken the model from the 1187 files and put it into my copy of GMod. It’s been fun to use, but I do think it could be made a bit better with faceposing and finger posing. I don’t think this would be a hard task, as this has been done before with this custom Vort model, and I think it could be as simple as copying the faceposing and fingerposing rigging from that model. But I know just about nothing about how faceposing/fingerposing rigging works, so I could be dead wrong here. Still, I thought I might put this request out and see if anyone was interested.

The original model can be found in the files for 1187 (the model data merely left in the “model” file, and the materials under “materials/models/vortigaunt”), or I can provide the specific files via e-mail. I haven’t uploaded the files myself due to fears of plagerism.

I’ve never played 1187 yet, but that Vortigaunt model looks awesome, you have my support.

could you make that as a reskin?

What exactly do you mean by that?

It’s a custom model. Modified models are not reskins.

Anyway, is there anyone that would be interested in this request? I myself haven’t played 1187, but I’d like to see this model ported seeing as how it is almost like a Xenian Special Operations Unit.

The model itself can be found in the files for the 1187 mod. All I’m asking is that someone knows how to give it a faceposing/fingerposing like the one the HEV Vort model uses.

i meant is there a way to use it as a reskin for the normal Vort, but i know now, i guess the model looked good and i wanted it to replace the crap normal one

Wait, are you talking about a replacement model for the default Vortigaunt in Gmod?

One would just have to hex the new Vort’s model and then make use of the textures

Exactly. Sorry for being unclear

Who made that HEV Vort I can’t seem to find him/her

(I want to request something)