Custom Actbusy Help

I want to do some custom actbusy animations for a mod, so I added the name, parameters, etc. into the actbusy.txt in the /scripts folder, as the vdc article says to. The problem is that it’s not recognized ingame.

Here’s the custom bit:

		"busy_anim" 		"busyidle2"
		"entry_anim"		"harassfront1"
		"exit_anim"		"harassfront2"
		"busy_sound"		"npc\mafia\vo\chatter_02.wav"
		"entry_sound"		"npc\mafia\vo\chatter_09.wav"
		"exit_sound"		"npc\mafia\vo\lastalive_01.wav"
 		"min_time"		"5"
		"max_time"		"10"
		"interrupts"	"BA_INT_None"

This is what I get ingame (dev console):

Specified 'DONNY_STAND01_TEST' as a busy anim name, and it's not in the act busy anim list.

All the npcs refuse to go to the hints specifying the name. Perhaps it’s because the mod mounts the actbusy.txt in the GCF, rather than the mod’s version? Any help would be appreciated.