Custom Ammo DarkRP

So basically my problem is that my custom ammo that I spawn in takes my money and spawns the ammo, but the world model prop is invisible and when I pick up the ammo box I don’t get any ammo from it. I can tell that it spawns since it leaves a shadow on the ground. I tested default ammo as well without making any changes and it’s doing the exact same thing but giving me ammo but is still invisible.
Its also doing it with custom shipments, but when I spawn it in normally from the Q menu its all good and I can see the entity model.

If anyone knows what is going on please help.

My custom ammo is:

DarkRP.createAmmoType("m9k_ammo_357", {
	name = ".357 Ammo",
	model = "models/Items/357ammo.mdl",
	price = 30,
	amountGiven = 24

DarkRP.createAmmoType("m9k_ammo_ar2", {
	name = "Assult Ammo",
	model = "models/Items/BoxMRounds.mdl",
	price = 30,
	amountGiven = 24

DarkRP.createAmmoType("m9k_ammo_buckshot", {
	name = "Buckshot",
	model = "models/Items/BoxBuckshot.mdl",
	price = 30,
	amountGiven = 24

DarkRP.createAmmoType("m9k_ammo_pistol", {
	name = "Pistol Rounds",
	model = "models/Items/BoxSRounds.mdl",
	price = 30,
	amountGiven = 24

Are you using a modification management system for darkrp or are you editing core files?

Using the modification system, havnt touched the core files.

Recheck the model paths to make sure that all of them actually lead to a model.

I never got custom ammo to work for dark rp either. You can’t use the m9k ammo, you must use the default ammo. Ex. “AR2” for assault rifles, “SMG1” for smg’s, “357” for revolvers, “pistol” for pistols. Here are all of the ammo types

So I assume the model path is find since I made all the ammo as an entity for the f4 menu, its only when I put it in the ammo.lau it dosnt show the model.

You can’t use M9K ammo… Umm, you really should not tell people false information, that ain’t helpful…
M9K Ammo -

Yes, most of the M9K ammo’s are default ammo types, but there are still some unique M9K ammo types.

I copied that pastebin coding into the ammo.lau and yet its still spawning invisible but I can see the shadow on the ground and collect the ammo.

Have you mounted CS:S?

Yes its mounted

Have you tried reloading your server?

Multiple times after editing the lua files.

Hmm. Did you disable the default ammo’s in disabled_defaults ?


Well, all I can recommend doing is updating DarkRP and validating the server files.

 DarkRP.createAmmoType("ar2", {
        name = "Pulse Ammo",
        model = "models/Items/BoxMRounds.mdl",
        price = 125,
        amountGiven = 32,

Notice its not mrk_ar2, its just ar2. and you forgot a comma after amount given.

You basically just said the same thing I posted, you are very ignorant.