Custom animations calling for phys_gun

I don’t know where this would go so I’m putting it here.

I made a custom physgun model but it has a few custom animations that arn’t called. How can I make the physgun call an animation for my custom model?

mmh I assume this has to do with programming and unfortunately I can’t help you with this :frowning:
I posted cause I am interested and wanne know how this ends up, could you render out the animation and upload it ? or show some pictures :smiley:

I’m on my phone so I can’t upload any photos but as soon as I get on some pc i’ll upload some renders.

It’s because your Material you used for it is bugged, or you are lagging incredibly baddly its timed out. I notice this when ever my Custom(well this was back on my Intel rig now deceased at internet cafe with no Steam so can’t give a example) AR2 C_Ball animation used to glitch when reloading when pings reached above 150+

No, I made an animation call spinup and al far as I know the normal physgun don’t have any animations that I can remember so it’s not even calling that animation when I press mouse1. It’s kinda like the spinning thing that happens with the hl2 beta physgun that just keeps spinning because the script don’t call the “winddown” animation to stop it.