Custom animations in hammer...

I swear to god this better be the right thread. DONT BAN ME IF ITS NOT JUST TELL ME WHERE TO GO

How do I add a custom animation to an object in Hammer? I remember something about prop_dynamic but i cant remember how to do it exactly.

You’re probably looking for the mapping section. What do you mean by a custom animation? A hacked model?

I mean I create a custom animation in 3dsmax, how do I get it into hammer as an object that has no properties and is just to look at?

A custom animation on what? An existing model, or a new one?

Well, if it’s just a .3ds file or something, you need to compile it, if not then while selecting the world model go to the sequences tab.

Although, yeah, this is the wrong area :v:

To add custom animations to a prop you’ll need to decompile it into SMD’s, import the skeleton into whatever model editing software you use, animate the skeleton, export the result to another SMD file, and then recompile the whole thing with a new sequence in the model’s QC file.