Custom Animations using Swep Construction Kit?

Hi. If you aren’t familiar with Clavus’ Swep Construction Kit, then you may not understand this thread, but you are welcome to try to help.

I’m currently making a BOW for a SWEP, and i’m using SCK to make the model. Now, i have coded the pull back part, but i cannot get the actual model to pull the arrow back. I put a variable in the pos of my SWEP.VElements but that just sets that element’s pos to 0. I mean like this:
pos = Vector(-1.201, myvar, 4.03)
So instead, i replaced the vector with my variable and changed the variable to that vector. But instead it decides to complain about how it was expecting a value but instead got a string. So anyone have advice on this?


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if the Vector(-1.201, myvar, 4.03) says that you need to input a number instead of a string that probably means myvar is a string. Check whether it actually is what you want it to be, or use tonumber(myvar) to make the string into a number.

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Or I may be misinterpreting your question entirely. It’s pretty difficult to see what your actual problem is.