Custom Animations

Is there any possible way to create custom animations for custom models? It would be great, as I have crafted a greatly detailed large centipede in XSI/3ds and am currently working on the lua files to make it an SNPC. I am clueless about animations and how they work in Source. Some enlightenment would be well-appreciated, obviously because there are no animations that are premade in the Source engine that could fit a creature of such bone structure.

I know it’s possible, but I don’t know how to do it. Take Xystus’ NPC’s for example. His T-Rex has awesome custom animations made by J-Dude.

Also, looking forward to your NPC. Good luck with it.

Yes, you’ll have to export it as an smd then compile it…

Have you done this? I sure could use some guidance.

Source supports only skeleton animation. Rig your model and animate the skeleton. Then export the animation as a seperate .smd, add another $sequence to your .qc and compile. It’s really easy

Does that mean if I ever get around to it, add a new animation to a tf2 class, then make the animation play through a console command?

Not really, animation replacement is easy enough though. Console commands is just silly.

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Thanks. I was also thinking of possibly incorporating it into a gamemode as a SWEP and playermodel. Any resources on viewmodels?

Just browse the valve wiki:

It’s not that hard, the most hard part is doing the animation, importing it to the model is easy.

ent_fire !picker setanimation whatever
Difficult indeed.