Custom Animations?

Does anyone know how to add custom animations to viewmodels with the .qc file?

For example, if I wanted to add an animation for mantling over something, what would I name it. I already tried ACT_VM_MANTLE, but for some reason, I’m unable to call it in game.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? I’ve seen other weapons do this, so why won’t it work for me?

It looks like this:

$sequence mantle "mantle" ACT_VM_MANTLE 1 snap rotate -90 fps 30.00

These names are predefined, you cant make your own if I got the picture correctly. You must take a look at the list of all animations available to see which names you can use.

Where would I find such a list?

You can look at some of the models in the Source SDK Model Viewer, under the sequence tab. You can also view the actual activities by clicking ‘View’, and select ‘Show Activities’.

Once again you’ve saved my life. Or at least my projects.