Custom backgound's being Rejected?

I remember before I got a newer computer that custom backgrounds were able to be loaded with a Simple .vtf to replace Garry’s original backgound. I got My Personal background’s file path correct and renamed this file with the same name as Garry’s original backgound, though for some odd reason I still get the default Background.

Did Garry implement some sort of code in an update that prevents other .vtf files from replacing to original backgound01.vtf or something?

Might be a dumb question, but are you playing in widescreen? If you do, you need to have a resized version of the image, convert it to .vtf and call it background01_widescreen.vtf. Custom backgrounds still work, I still can see mine.

GLH is right. If you’re using widescreen, you need a separate background called background01_widescreen.

Yeah, that seemed to be the problem. Thanks. ^^