Custom background not working?

I’ve been wanting to change the default conehead background for a while. I’m running Gmod at my native 1920x1200 (16:10) resolution, however when I start the game, I first see the conehead, then my custom background while the loading runs, then back to the conehead when I’m in the menu and console.

Does anyone know a way around this?

Have you removed the original background vmf if not that may be the answer.

I’ve seen that same response on similar questions posted here, and to be honest it’s a dumb answer. It’s not possible to have two files with the same name and extension in the same folder, so the old file is obviously gone/overwritten.

Oh reading over the OP again i think there are two textures one used whilst loading and one used whilst the main is on. So im no expert at backgrounds but i think you’ve goto make another texture and set the textures name so it is known when to run when the menu opens.

try this, rename background01_widescreen.vtf to soemthing else, then edit the background01_widescreen.vmt file so that it’s $basetexture value points to the new filename (sans the extention).

if you’re running 16:9 you’ll see conehead, then the new texture will show up at the bluebar section and stay once the menu is loaded.

if you’re running 16:10 you’ll see conehead, then the fullscreen texture (background01.vtf) during the bluebar part, then the new texture when the menu shows… or at least thats hwo it works on my end.