Custom Background request

I can’t seem to figure out which forum this goes in so i’m posting it here!(nobody is willing to help me find this out)
If any mod could KINDLY put this in the appropriate forum, I’d like that.

Could someone make me a background out of this image?[/media]

also could you make a music file to go with it?

the music i would like is “Stranger’s attack, By Frank Klepacki”

Here is the song incase someone would like to know what it’s supposed to sound like.

never tried it but it might work

Use vtf edit and import that image to vtfedit then go to the gmod folder and put it in the console folder (you have to make 2 versions a widescreen one and a normal one.)

don’t have that, and don’t want to spend money on it either

It’s free.

ok send me a link that I can download it from…and not from places you have to pay monthley to keep downloading.