Custom Bill skin refuses to show, appears invisible

So I’m making a slight texture edit of Bill’s berret from Left 4 Dead, and when I go to spawn the model in Gmod, his whole face is invisible. Basically, he’s a floating beard with eyes. I only edited and replaced bill_head.vtf as well as creating a new VMT for it. Any help or insight on what I did wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to give me boxes, I’m pretty new to the whole skinning thing. :razz:

Pic of Beel’s floating beard:

That has got to be the coolest model I have ever seen. :o

i had that problem too just don’t change the vmt at all, worked for me.

Thanks a ton, it fixed the invisible beard problem. Sadly though, that made another problem form. :argh: Bill’s default icon on his berret shows up behind my custom one. Do you know how I can get rid of that?

Pic: 10 points to anyone who can identify what I replaced his logo with.

You have to modify the normal map, too.


Check the bill_head_normal.vtf texture.

Ohh, so I have to tweak the bill_head_normal.vtf too?

Yeah. That’s the “normal” map, it’s used to project depth out of or into a model. If you’re not experienced with creating bump maps, you should probably just clear the area with the beret emblem instead of modifying it to fit your own emblem.

The bill_head_normal.vtf has no corresponding .vmt, it should be already referenced in the bill_head.vmt script.

Augh, sorry to bug you again, but yet another problem surfaced. When I export bill_head_normal.vtf from VTFEdit, a lot of the areas on his face appear as transparent textures such as his eyesockets, neck, hair, etc. When imported back into VTFEdit, all of those areas appear black and mess up the lighting effects for his face. Have any idea how I could export that correctly?

Ah, yeah. The problem is that VTFEdit is combining the RGB channels with the alpha channel before exporting. I can’t isolate either layer, I’m afraid.

I thought of using Valve’s VTEX, though that only converts .tga images to .vtf images.
I tried a .vtf reading plugin for, although that uses VTFLib - the same library of functions used by VTFEdit. Now I’m getting kind of scared. It seems the only option might be doing something stupid like print-screening and stitching, which I twitch at the thought of. There must be an easier way.

The only advice I can give you is to export as a .bmp - it’ll at least preserve the normal map fully, though its alpha channel’s information will be lost.

Took your advice and exported as a bmp, the results aren’t too bad. It just made Beel’s face all shiny. Only thing I need to do now is lern2edit so I can remove his old logo. Thanks for all your help, smallfry, it was much appreciated. :dance:

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Delete the old normalmap and generate a new one.